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Identifying Bigfoot

The most-asked Bigfoot question is "Where would Bigfoot Hide?"

In the Pacific Northwest there are many hundreds of square miles of country to hide in, without leaving a trace. Deep forested mountains, steeps, haunts, and hidden valleys that seem to stretch forever, as far as the eye can see. Below the snow capped mountain peaks and towering foothills is a maze of invisible trails where anything can hide, and stay silently hidden. Year around food and water always in reach, it is the ideal home for the legendary Seeawko, aka Bigfoot. Here is one of earth's largest last vast domains for the wild to hide and to howl in.


Bigfoot is phenomenon. Something that defies pat explanation. Many natives of the Pacific Northwest American Indian tribes say Bigfoot or "Sasquatch" are spirit being creatures. If the Sasquatch are creatures actually merging from an invisible spirit realm, they shall continue to remain elusive, and are un-capturable, impossible to prove, locked in the category of phenomena, and the hunt to bring one in, or to find it's skeletal remains, is no more than a time wasted effort in futility.

Any convincing trace clues or alleged Sasquatch suspected trail clue evidences, are of no solid scientific significance without a Sasquatch to match any shred of hopeful Sasquatch clue to. It is true that most Pacific Northwest Indian tribes believe that the Sasquatch carved on their totems exists. Most of them do not however, regard the Sasquatch as a physical creature of nature. Most tribes believe that Sasquatch are spirit creatures appearing and disappearing from a hidden world within our own. Respite any "Best Evidence Finds" over the many decades, there is no substantially scientifically qualified proof evidence that Sasquatch creatures exist, let alone are either physical or preternatural creatures.

If Bigfoot (Sasquatch) are shielded by a preternatural identity, as the Pacific Northwest Amerindian Natives claim, can they be photographed? The answer is that nobody knows. The purported Bigfoot photographs were said taken near Wild Creek below Mt. Rainier, in Washington State, USA, on July 11, 1995. These photos first appeared in the UK Magazine FORTEAN TIMES. They are the clearest known purported Bigfoot photos ever taken to date.

Since, the Wild Creek Bigfoot photos have appeared in newspapers, magazines, books, and on TV programs around the world. These photographs are well received by many Bigfoot sighting witnesses. Dozens of photography experts around the globe have closely examined them, and no sign of photographic fraud has been detected.

Wild Creek is in the high deep forested foothills below Mt. Rainier in Washington State.

Contrary to comments made on the photos by the Bigfoot Peanut Gallery geniuses, real photo experts have found no sign of tapering or photo fakery in their examinations of the Wild Creek Bigfoot photographs. This does not grant the photos a free pass for full authenticity. Real or not, they remain the clearest of purported Bigfoot photos on file to date,and according to the majority of Bigfoot sighting descriptions, they best portray the likeness most reported of Bigfoot.

Fresh Bigfoot Tracks in snow covered hills discovered by Steve Sampson above Alder Dam in Lewis County, WA. (1977)

Bigfoot Track in snow in 1989 Snohomish County, Western, WA.

Friends of Bigfoot: With all the instant Bigfoot experts spreading out across the Internet over the years, it might seem I would have spotted one or two out there in the deep woods once in awhile. They could be on the wrong trail, or maybe having a hard time trying to get away from their computer mice and off the couch. Could be the reason the old garbage in, garbage out box is so loaded up with Bigfoot BS. One of the N.W. Indian tribes has given one of the BFRO mucky mucks the name Walkin' Eagle. It's an old traditional name they pin on lucky recipients that means "a bird too full of it to fly." Retirement from periodical self employment has been working out fine and affords that great luxury of getting out there in the Northwest forested remotes quite often and with no real hurry to get back too early. Well........gotta go. Later, Cliff.

Microscopy photos of Hair Samples Human and Bigfoot Suspected Hair.

Three slides containing hair samples were analyzed. Two samples of "Bigfoot Hair" and one sample of Human hair were examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) after carbon coating energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) was used to reveal the elemental content of each specimen. Conclusions..."Human" Typical human hair contents were identified. "Alleged Bigfoot" Sample one...Sulfuric content and other unique properties separated this hair from the hair of human. (Suspect: Primate - Non-specific) Sample two..A typhus content related to swamps and swine. Ingredients" Sulfuric, silicon, calcium, typhus and other bacterial content. (Suspect: Animal species unknown).

(c)Tom Finley 2000) Thanks to Tom Finley for sharing his drawings with Bigfoot Central.

(c)2009 Tom Finley

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