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"The Mystery Bell Shaped Gizmo"

Wildeyed Evidence....Most Bigfoot Researchers believe that the alleged Bigfoot linked conglomeration labeled by Bigfoot baiters as the "Skookum
Cast" is nothing more than a finished product example of what the power of wild imagination can do to some people. The fact that no Bigfoot tracks
were found anywhere around the big mud puddle where the fruited Bigfoot bait trap was placed is all the proof needed for most. It is more likely that the
Bigfoot baiters captured mark of their own prints. Source: Bigfoot Case Newsletter. For more information on the Skookum/"Spoofum" cast go to: and see the National Post article by Mark Hume 3/3/2001

BFRO's Skookum Cast Caper......One of the BFRO group members tried to convince me that the "Skookum Cast" captured Bigfoot's butt prints.
When I told him there were better ways to get to the bottom of the Bigfoot case, he nearly went postal.

Bigfoot Baiting

If the squirrels are leaving tracks around your bait pile, and Bigfoot's not, imagining Bigfoot into the equation is a sure sign of fairy tale research

Bigfoot and the Great Divide by Cliff Crook

Most Bigfoot sightings claims reported from most U.S. states East of the Rocky Mountains have been so continuously consistent in description diversity
that apparitions and aberrations are surmised as the prime suspects. The wide variety of Bigfoot sighting descriptions reported from those states has
inspired the label "Bigfoot type creatures"/BTC. Reported BTC sightings West of the Rockies have remained to date, from ultra rare to nill, while
Bigfoot descriptions here have remained remarkable consistent. From the best Bigfoot report records Bigfoot and Bigfoot type creature descriptions
differ as much and as far as East and West.

BIGFOOT HOAX ALERT!!....Bigfoot Carcass Hoax....8/13/08..........Tom Biscardi's August 13 Bigfoot corpse hoax is just his latest Bigfoot caper.
This guy is definitely in competition with BFRO. His Bigfoot corpse is a Halloween ape suit and the suit's belly area is stuffed with opossum entrails. The
road kill Bigfoot prankster may have fooled BFRO, but nobody else. This update on the Bigfoot carcass hoax is another service brought to you by
Bigfoot Central, North America's Bigfoot Case Database Headquarters

Follow up: DNA testing proved to be human and opossum.

Although no two claims of Bigfoot evidence in the entire 52 years history of the Bigfoot Case have been so effectively debunked as the Patterson film
and the Skookum cast, aka "Spoofum" cast, some Bigfoot "researchers" are still promoting them as authentic Bigfoot evidence. The "Skookum Cast" is
an excellent example of how the power of imagination can camouflage the facts. If we were to base Bigfoot case findings on imagination in place of facts,
there would be no need for real proof. Imagination would settle every puzzle and answer all the world's questions.
Any Bluff Creek Bigfoot film clip fans who want to meet up with the movie's star can meet him at the edge of town in Zilla, WA.
(1967) Mystery Bell Suspect merges. Remember that mystery bell shaped gizmo detected by Chris Murphy on the rare clean film frames of Ms.
Bigfoot/Bob in the Bigfoot suit?? News of the gizmo made the global multi media circuit and also flushed out the man who played Ms. Bigfoot - Bob
Heranamous of Zilla, WA. Here is the fastener that matches the gizmo's description. These fasteners were used on 2 piece costume shope ape suits back
in the 1960's. The Ms. Bigfoot film clip was produced a week and a half before Halloween.

Sins of Omission and the Bigfoot Case

What the Bluff Creek Bigfoot Film fans aren't telling you is the first seconds of the film the fur suit walks into the timber line at the far left of
your TV, or movie screen. In the last seconds of the film, the fur suit walks into the timber line at the far right of the screen. Full and clear visible for all full
proof, the film was shot twice, and therefore is a man in a fur suit hoax. Anyone who watches the few second flick in it's entirety can see for themselves.
The man who finally went public to confess playing the week before Halloween costume shop Bigfoot, is retired truck driver Bob Heranamous of Zilla,
WA. Mr. Heranamous wrote a revealing book about it.

File Fact: According to the Bigfoot file, a female breast has not been mentioned in over 97% of Bigfoot sighting investigations.