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Bigfoot cast no shadow - 6 more weeks of Winter, either way.

A Stinky Close Encounter

So you smelled a powerful foul, sulfuric odor in the woods and suspected Bigfoot was near. This could include any number of creatures including
yourself. Do not be offended since fear emits a pungently foul odor. Swamps, skunks, skunk cabbage, rotten vegetation, wet bears, spawned salmon,
rotten waterfowl eggs, and dead animals; or any combination of the above create lingering foul odors that Bigfoot has long been blamed for. All foul
odors can often be associated with the lurkings of Bigfoot.

Rant Mullins Mr. Mullins claimed to have invented the centuries old Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery in 1958 with his hand carved wooden feet.

The Ray Wallace and Rant Mullins Bigfoot myth is their claim that they invented Bigfoot in 1958. They each claim they carved wooden feet and hoaxed
out a construction crew in Northern California. The 2nd part of their claim is true. There's a very big problem with the first part of their claim. Pacific
Northwest Indian tribes have know about the hair covered forest giant better known as "Bigfoot" today, for centuries. They have recorded them on totems and in their ancient lore.

Bigfoot hunting ban in Whatcom County Washington. Bigfoot ordinance in Skamania county, Washingnton. No Bigfoot hunting in Salem, Oregon.
Bigfoot hunting prohibited by law in the State of California including hunting of other forest animals not listed in annual hunter's pamphlet.

The first bigfoot movie came out in 1975.

Bigfoot "foot"

Cliff and Josh Brown #3 Seattle Seahawks

It's not unusual to spy Bigfoot waving at cars along Hwy 2 near Index, WA. Through the 1980's there were more Elvis sightings than Bigfoot sightings.

This is the little house Elvis lived in as a kid in Tupelo, Mississippi.


Cliff and Harry in the Bothell 4th of July 1991 Parade