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Shadow Play
Around 90% of adequately investigated Bigfoot sightings are traced to mistaken identities. Some reported Bigfoot sightings have been traced to shadow
play or an aberration of nature's trickery. Something between the eye of the beholder and a lifeless form that resembles the face or body of a human or
an animal. Like seeing a face in a cloud or a similar image of something in shaded brush, or some distant object. When it comes to mistaken identities in
the Bigfoot case, aberrations and wild imagination are partners in crime

Mistaken identities are everywhere and too many are reported as Bigfoot sightings. Make sure of what you are looking at before reporting a Bigfoot
sighting. Here are 3 examples of mistaken identities out there just waiting to be misidentified.

A Wild Stump encounter. An illusive stump in the shadowy forest, the snap of a twig and a dash of wild imagination can be an ideal recipe for a
legendary mistaken identity encounter.

Snow Covered trees. Do these critters come alive at night or what?

This is Lake Okanogen in Canada and home of the legendary Lake Monster OgoPogo. In the fog, this towering serpent shaped oddesey of nature's
trickery, is a mistaken identity just waiting to happen.

Rock Stacks Mystery

Some Northwest outdoor adventurers attribute rock and boulder stacking to the legendary Bigfoot forest giants.

Bigfoot's Bath Falls

Bigfoot Mountain.

Bigfoot rock formation North Cascades, WA. (c)Frank C Murdzia

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