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ClickRyder, Clicker Training for Horses

Equine Clicker Training

Roker Putting on His Halter

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Andrea's Definition:
Pressing-down-on-that-box-thingy-to-make-a-noise-to-tell-the-horse-he-got-it-right-and-following-up-with-something-that-he-wants Training.

From Renee:
My horses and I have a "new contract" and everyone likes the terms of this new agreement very much!

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On-Line Videos:
Musical Instruments:
Gaefur--Piano Playing
Gaefur--Bell Ringing
Gaefur--Horn Tooting

Object Discrimination:
Gaefur--Picking "Cup"
Gaefur--Picking "Ball"

More Groundwork:
Moonlight--Laying Down
Hank--Back up

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Rick Lamb, The Horse Show

Listen to these shows now:

Rick Littleton (Mustangs),
GaWaNi (Relationship Training)

Dr. Hilary Clayton (Strategic Layoffs),
Mark Rashid (Passive Leadership, The Horse Gathering)

Leslie Desmond (True Horsemanship Thru Feel)

Ron Meredith (Training MythUnderstandings),
Carol Brett (why most English saddles don't fit correctly)

Lydia Hiby (Animal Communicator)

Lee Smith (Solving Problem Behaviors)

Don Blazer ("Nine Secrets of Perfect Horsemanship")

John Lyons (Using Your Horse's Learning Cycles)

Pat and Linda Parelli (Parelli Natural Horsemanship)

Barbara Schulte (Conquer Fear and Perform
at Your Peak with Mentally Tough Training)

Linda Tellington-Jones (T-Touch your way to a calmer, smarter horse)

Frank Bell (gentling specialist shares 7-step safety system)

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