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CT Demo in Klamath Falls, OR

by Kathy and Ranger

Six people and 5 animals (three donkeys and 2 horses) braved the cold and snow and showed up at our clicker demo today. We had use of the round pen at the fairgrounds and things went very well.

First, I had Ranger and Biscuit demonstrate targeting and fetching. Also showed how they will take the worming syringe and put their head down for the flymask. Next, we got a mini donkey started on targeting and picking up his leg. The lady that owns him, was so excited. This was a day of many firsts for her. Her first time to hook up her trailer by herself and load her donkey by herself. She has pulled the trailer with donkeys one other time. This was also her first time to take her donkey anywhere all by herself. I think she was as excited about all that as much as she was about getting Prince to target and pick up a foot.

Rebecca had brought her two horses. The first thing she said as she was watching me and the donkeys was "I don't believe in feeding treats". I told her she didn't have to feed treats and a scratch on a favorite spot would work fine. She agreed to let me work with her Arab, Lacero, with the clicker and carrots. That horse caught on to the targeting in less than 1 minute!! The fastest I have ever worked with. He was following the cone around and touching it with his nose no matter where we put it.

Next was Willie's turn. He caught on real fast also. I asked Rebecca if they seemed different to her. She said that they were more animated with the clicker and treats. She works her horses with Paralli techniques and they know the hand signal for coming forward towards her. She was giving the signal and walking backwards with me walking with her and clicking when they touched the cone. As she was getting ready to leave, she wanted the address to get Alexandra's book and said she had tons of carrots at home! She's going to combine the two training techniques.

All in all, it was a successful day. Now, I want to do PNH with the donkeys and mules.

Here's Rebecca's horse, Lacero, targeting after 1 minute of work!
Demo at Klamath Falls

Here's Biscuit "singing" as I play the recorder.
Demo at Klamath Falls

This is a picture of Jeanie Adams with her mini donkey, Prince.
Prince's first time at targeting.
Demo at Klamath Falls

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