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Kickin' Back Ranch

Owned and operated by Willis and Sharon Lamm.

Picking Up the Bucket

Kickin' Back Ranch

KBR Training Information

KBR's Building a Horse Course

Sharon Beck's Obstacles

Keno, a Mustang Mare

Patience, a Mustang Mare and CT

Update on Patience

A quote from Willis: "I think you'll be favorably surprised as to what we have been able to accomplish in just a few short hours. Before you go visit Patience on the web, ask yourself what (within reason) is the most outrageous thing you can think we would ask a barely haltered mustang to do out here at the ranch, then see if we actually did it. (Remember, she got her halter off a couple of months ago and we had to chute her into the trailer to get her here.)"

Armchair Horse Training

The highlight of the day was when Sharon discovered with great delight that she could train using this clicker business without ever having to leave her chair.

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