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Clicker Trained Icelandic Horses

There are many more Icelandic Horses being clicker trained;
however, we do not yet have photos of them.

There are some short on-line videos,
at the home page: of Gaefur.

Tryggur and Judy

button Skutla, 30 year old Icelandic Horse

buttonJora and Peter

buttonTryggur, Ground Training Photos

button Mar's Icelandics

button Brimi and the Tapping Stick

button Rodull, Targeting

button Otra, The Special One

button Eitill Goes Camping

button Vigdis and Susanne

button Gusti and Steina

button Scarna, Untrainable?

button Stigandi Learns to Target

button Roker, a Re-Hab

buttonStormur and Tibra--Walking the Tarp

button Skumur--Obstacle Course and Labyrinth

buttonNanna and Lily

buttonAtli's First Saddling and Ride

buttonTopper, Rescued Icelandic

Topper's "Professional" Page

buttonLjufur--Tolt, Backup, Serpentine

button Fridur, Icelandic Horse

button Fridur and the Saddle

button Tryggur, Haltering Practice

button Dyggur--Backing and Stepping on the Bridge

button Kjarkur

button Wyck

button Vinur's First Ride Under Saddle

Vinur's other pages: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

button Vinur--Intro to Teeth Floating

button Tryggur--Obstacle Course and Ttouch

button Epona

button PR Article

button Yankee Pedlar Article

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