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Groundwork with Tryggur

All groundwork is done at liberty so the horse
can leave if uncomfortable.

All exercises are done from both
right and left sides.

Training supported by Operant Conditioning:
(Clicker Training).

Following at liberty,
wearing a rope halter and reins.

Targeting the lariat.

Throwing the reins over his head.
Notice he shifts back away from the action.

More comfortable now,
he just accepts the reins over his head,
actually leaning in to receive them.

Brushing all over.

He starts to walk away when he's

After a few steps,
he circles to return.

Lining up for "butt" brushing.

Using the lariat to touch the opposite
side of the body, getting the horse used
to "things" on both sides at the same time.

Again, same thing, opposite side.
This helps with confinement issues
prior to saddling and mounting.

Tapping the upper leg,
asking the horse to lift his own foot.

Hey, it works!

Same for the back foot.

And, of course, the opposite side.

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