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Welcome to the Official website of Laura Carstensen. Thanks for stopping by!
The poetry on this site was all written by 20 year old Laura "Elle" Carstensen
Please don't copy or duplicate these poems.
Thank you.

I went through and "retired" some of my really old poems and songs and added some new ones.
Thanks for all your support everyone!!!

"So, Laura, what's new!?!??!"

I have added MANYYY new poems & songs in the past couple weeks!!
I hope you all take a minute and view the newest additions to "Laura's Life!"

In Memory of Heather (NEW!)
Stubborn (NEW!)
My Fault (NEW!)
True Beauty (NEW!)
Deliver (NEW!)
I Will (NEW!)
Controlled Darkness (NEW!)
Close Your Eyes
One Last Time
In the Unknown
The Unknown Girl
Time Stands Still
If I Could Tell Her Anything
To See You Tonight
Lessons for the Kids

I want to take a minute and thank Sarah Reitmayer, Emily Shaw & Ashley Myers. All three of them cowrote one of more pieces with me. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making this site what it is today.

Act Of Betrayal <---NEW!
Angels Weep
Any Day Now
At First Glance
Back Against the World
Confused State of Mind
Construction of Life
Create The Thunder
Crying A Tear
Dear Lord
Every Rose Has A Thorn
Except Me
Fear Keeping Her Alive
Fear of Myself
Grandma; A Granddaughters Memorial
Glass Eyes <---NEW!
Heart is Being Clawed
I am Still the Girl I was at Birth
I Can Turn To You
I Do Cry <----NEW!
I Never Shatter
I Would Like To Say It Now <----NEW!
In His Memory
I Turned to Your Voice
Internet Friends
Its Simply You
Its Up To You
Know Longer A Hero
Life is Good
Little Girl
Living With Myself
Love We Share
Mary Messina
Matter of Time
My Mother
Our Future Through Reflection <------NEW!
Out of Control
Point In Life
Senior Population
September 11th 2001
Someone Else To Love
Somebody's Little Girl
Soul of an Angel
Standing Still Unable to Move
Storms in Your Eyes
Sunshine Life in Hell
Tamara Walker
Tears Built My Confidence
Tears Of A Fish

Trust You, Lord
What Makes A Family
When Fallen Angels Fly
When it Comes Down to It
Your Eyes


Little Katie Lynn
Don't You Dare
Everything Will Work Out
Come On <-----NEW!
You've Got It In You <-----NEW!
Little Nicole <-----NEW!
Show You <-----NEW!
Just A Woman
Life Goes On
As She Performs
Fate Right Behind You
Tara's Love
The Beauty Shall Appear
Heaven Has Eyes
I Am Amussed

I Can Cry Alone
Get Up
Closed Doors
I See My Mothers Eyes



WARNING: The following paragraphs are simply
based on personal opinion.
No hate mail is necessary!
Some paragraphs might make you open
your eyes a little wider then others...

Vegetarian Diet <----NEW!
Music <----NEW!
Human Cloning <----NEW!
Gay Marriages <----NEW!
Green Eggs and Ham <----NEW!
I am A Weed <----NEW!

Left, My cousin, Audrey
Me in the middle Right, My sister, Stella

Poems are added almost daily. Be sure to come check us out again!
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This site is updated weekly. Poems are added all the time so please check back often. You can also read poetry written by Laura Carstensen & other poets HERE All comments can be sent to Laura at Thank you for your support.