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Catalog of Designs

Click on each design for the pendant's story and dimensions.
Make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to see all designs.

Color Charts

Birds & Animals:

Barking Dog
(affection, loyalty)

Beast of Burden
(struggle, triumph)

Birds of a Feather
(celebrating new life)
Fierce Bull
(strength, instinct)
(creativity, the ocean,)
Graceful Hart
(Lord of the forest)
Horse w/Oak Leaves
(endurance, strength)
Lucky Frog
(personal transformation)
Lumbering Elephant
(strength, memory, clouds)
(white mare goddess)
Mother Goose
(fairy tales)
Mother Love
(maternal instinct)
Rainbow Bird
(divine love)
Sacred Cat
(history, cat lovers)
Searching Bird
(fulfillment of wishes)
Strange Bird
(unusual soul)
Strong Ram
Swimming Turtle
(creation story)
Young Horse or Pony
(speed, grace)
Zigzagging Serpent
(rivers, myths)


People & Spirituality:


Floral & Design:

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