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(hand of five)

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The Jewish Hamsa consists of the protective eye of God centered inside the symmetrically stylized hand of five fingers. The number five also signifies the five books of the Torah. Ceramic plaques of the Hamsa are often inscribed with prayers of protection, such as the Tefilat HaDerech (Traveler’s Prayer) or the Birkat HaBayit (Blessing for the Home). The symbol is sometimes referred to as the Hand of Miriam, after the Biblical heroine who saved her baby brother Moses from death by placing him in a basket and setting him adrift on the river. Pharaoh’s daughter found him and he was spared from the Pharaoh’s edict that all newborn Hebrew boys be killed. Made from glazed red earthenware clay, the back of this limited edition piece displays the artist's signature stamp and the LQP chop mark, 1 7/8" high.

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