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About Lake Quinisigamond Pottery

The Pottery
Born in 2006, on the shores of Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Massachusetts, the pottery is known for creating unique, offbeat ceramic story pendants. Each limited edition piece is handmade exclusively by Natalie Gillihan Scafidi, from her original carvings, and comes with a story card describing the history and meaning of the image. The pottery relocated to Blackstone, MA in late 2009. Its connection to history and the land is retained in its use of a blend of local clays native to Sheffield, MA.

The Artist
Natalie Gillihan Scafidi is originally from Indiana, where she received a B.A. in Ceramics from Ball State University. Natalie also spent time living in Chicago and studying art at Northern Illinois University. It was as an undergraduate at Ball State that she began keeping a visual file of favorite images, including line drawings from ancient folk cultures. It took several years for these images to find their way into the artist’s work. Natalie’s current work focuses on portraying various birds and animals, and conveying ancient stories of the human struggle. Drawing on timeless symbols, these images touch on the basic elements of human experience.

The process
Natalie creates her pieces by first looking through her library of numerous books and scrapbooks on ancient global mythology and anthropology. She sketches out a design first on paper and then carefully carves it into plaster to create a mold. The mold is cleaned and clay is pressed firmly into the mold. While still in the mold, Natalie stamps the clay with her signature and the LQP chop mark. The piece is removed from the mold, partially dried, and trimmed. Once bone dry, the clay is sanded, dusted off and fired. The bisque fired piece is washed to remove any remaining dust, glazed and fired again. It is then incorporated into a finished work.

Please indulge in some meaningful, yet entertaining history by browsing LQP’s current work, which includes a few new stories along with the 2010 Redux Series. Or sift through the old retired designs to find out why the neolithic Birth-Giving Goddess is in the shape of a toad, how skulls with wings originated in Christian iconography, and much more.

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