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More on Links

Another way to link is to link not just to a page, but to a specific part of a page. Click here to be magically transported to the exact place where we first talked about URLs. Here's the secret:

First start with the spot you want people to be transported to. Pick a word and wrap it in the <A> tags. In the case of Lesson 12,

the URL and you're done! 

Next give that spot a NAME.

 <A NAME="upabit">Add</A> 
the URL and you're done! 

What you have done is marked that spot. Now that spot can be referenced and linked to.

Start building the link from here in Lesson 17,

 Click <A>here</A> 
to be magically transported... 

Add the document to be referenced...

Click <A HREF="lesson12.html">here</A> 
to be magically transported...

And lastly, add the anchor NAME 
like so...
 Click <A HREF="lesson12.html"#upabit">here</A> 
to be magically transported...

And that's all there is to it! And very useful when you are dealing with lengthy documents or lists. This enables you to point to a particular word or paragraph.......