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Links ....... are....... to..... the..... Web, what pawns are to Chess.

It's really very simple. We'll make a link to Google .
Start with this...

<BODY> Go to Google! </BODY> 

Go to Google!

Then add a pair of anchor tags.

 <BODY> Go to <A>Google!</A> 

Go to Google!

Add the URL and you're done! URL Stands for Universal Resource Locator. . A URL is just an address.

 <BODY> Go to <A 

Go to Google!

Once more:

 <BODY> Go to Netscape! 

Go to Netscape!

Go to <A HREF="">Netscape!</A> 

Go to Netscape!

Links are usually indicated by words which are in blue and underlined in blue, but other colors are possible and images, also, can be the link to another page or site.

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