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FAQ: How do I make a link open in a new browser window?

A: Well, first of all, this can be done easily by your visitor if he wishes. All he has to do is right click on the link and choose "Open In New Window".

If you want to force this action for whatever reason, (exempli gratia to click on a thumbnail and open and view the picture full size in a new window ) you can add TARGET="_blank" to the link...

Go to <A HREF="" 
Resource Centre!</A>

Go to Classical Resource Centre!

Now use an image for the link:

 <BODY> Go to <A HREF=""TARGET="_blank" 

Go to

One more note about links... It is perfectly acceptable to link to someones page(s) without asking. Links are what makes the Web the Web. But try not to send visitors to your site off on blind links. You should check regularly that your links to other sites are working, and that when they go that link they find what they are looking for!

If you're making a page, of course include links if you think it adds value, but try to refrain from having a page that consists of nothing more than links and links that link to even more links!