Nunc est bibendum. Sorry, some syntax first :(

You notice here and there I use quotation marks, these are important. Whenever you have an ATTRIBUTE="value", the value should really be in quotes. It's a good habit to get into. (as you work through these tutorials you'll see it's a habit that I haven't quite developed completely :-)

A single missing or misplaced quotation mark or a missing space or a missing greater than > sign can seriously ruin your page! Another thing is the use of CAPITAL LETTERS for marking up. It's a personal preference. The tags stand out more when using all cap,. but you could just as well use <font> instead of <FONT>. You can even use <fOnT> . HTML is largely case INsensitive.

persicos odi puer apparatus

You can change the font color if you like.

<BODY> Something <FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Classical</FONT> 

Something Classical

We can, of course use more than one ATTRIBUTE in a <FONT> tag...

 <BODY> Something <FONT COLOR="#FF0000" 
FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="7">Classical</FONT> </BODY> 

Something really Classical

festina lente

 <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"> Something <U><I><B><FONT COLOR="#FF0000" 
FACE="ARIAL" SIZE="7">Classical</FONT></B></I></U> 

Something really Classical

remember!! multiple tags should be nested.


It doesn't matter which tag is first. It's not like if you want to make something red and bold you have to do one or the other first. You can do them in any order you want. Such as...


The fastest way to confuse the browser, not to mention yourself is to overlap the tags...