To keep things a little cleaner I am only going to write what is in the <BODY> tags. I will omit the <HTML>, <HEAD> & <TITLE> tags. Needless to say, keep these in your document.


Type Something Classical

 <BODY> Something Classical</BODY> 

Something Classical

Whenever you make a change to your document, just save it, then hit the Refresh button on your browser.

How to change background colors.

 <BODY BGCOLOR="#CCFFCC"> Something 

Something Classical

CCFFCC is computerese for light green. You can just as easily specify the colour as in:


You can specify a background image instead. (Note, the image should be in the same folder as your HTML file. More on this below.)

 <BODY BACKGROUND="Delphi.jpg"> 
Something Classical</BODY> 

here's the background image

In order for the image to show up, the browser has to be able to find it. For now, we want the image to be in the same folder as your HTML document (page1.html). The easiest way to do this is to right click on the Delphi image above and choose Save Image As. Browse to wherever you put page1.html and save the image there.

Tthe image is tiled so it fills the whole page. If you use a long skinny image you can get an effect like this...

 <BODY BACKGROUND="bluebar.gif"> 
Something really cool</BODY> 

Here's the background image

(It's actually 1700x4, but I have compressed it here to 560x4 so it will fit on everyones screen)


FAQ: I've seen pages where the background is fixed and the page just scrolls over it. How can I do that?

A: Simple... add BGPROPERTIES=FIXED to the BODY tag...


Here is an example.