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We can change the font size too... It's pretty easy!

First add the <FONT> tags...

 <BODY> Something 

Then specify a SIZE attribute.

Something <FONT SIZE=6>Classical</FONT> 

Something Classical

Fonts come in 7 sizes:

teeny tinysmallregularextra mediumlargereal big &yelling!


Nota bene! First, a <TAG> tells the browser to do something. An ATTRIBUTE goes inside the <TAG> and tells the browser how to do it.
Second point is about defaults. As you probably know, the default value is a value that the browser assumes if you have not told it otherwise. A good example is the font size. The default font size is 3 (usually). If you say nothing it will be 3. If you swear in Latin at your computer it will still be 3.

Every browser has a default font setting - font name, size and color. Unless you have messed with it the default is probably Times New Roman 12pt (which translates into 3 for our purposes) and it's black. Of course we can specify font names other than the defaults. Like ARIAL and COMIC SANS.

 <BODY> Something <FONT FACE="ARIAL">Classical</FONT> 

Something Classical

The font will only display if your viewer has that font installed on their computer. mirabile dictu... If the person looking at the page doesn't have installed on their computer the font you specify, then they will only see the default font. So be very judicious in your use of fonts. Arial and Comic Sans MS are pretty widely distributed with Windows. So is Impact!. You can hedge your bets a little by specifying more than one font. (Yes! You can do that!). Just do one of these... <FONT FACE="ARIAL, HELVETICA, LUCIDA SANS">conticuere omnes</FONT>.
Here's what's happening- The browser looks for ARIAL. If it finds it, it uses it. If not, it goes on to HELVETICA. If it can't find that, it looks for LUCIDA SANS. And if it can't find that it uses the default font.

What are some common fonts that are pretty safe bets?

Andale Mono       Arial       Arial Black
Comic Sans MS       Courier New       Georgia       Impact
Times Rew Roman       Trebuchet MS       Verdana