Fan Fiction

We got some of the best B.V fanfics I've ever read here at this site! Yay! Thanks to all you guys that have let me put your work up here =)!! Just a warning, some fanfics may contain scenes of Lemon so if your offended by that kinda stuff then check the rating first!
If you've written any Bulma/Vegeta fanfics and would like to submit them to this site, please E-mail either Natsumi-Chan or Amber
Rating Summary
I want to Watch PhantomScribe72
What happens when Vegeta comes across a gag gift Bulma recieved from her dear friend 18? ^_~ *One shot*
One PhantomScribe72
Another Amazing B/V, the authors kept very faithful to the events that occur in the series, with some minor changes. One of my fave fanfics EVER, written beautifully, A MUST READ ^_^! **Complete**
Sick Vegeta, Nurse Bulma Vegeta-Saiyajin-no-ouji
Vegeta-Saiyajin-no-oujis first fanfic, Contains loadsa lemon and violent Yamcha bashing ^^" **Complete**
A Dangerous Love Amber
What's this? A fanfic written by my counter part web mistress Amby? Whoo hoo, yay! Her first b/v fanfic...Bulma and Veg seem to have difficulties in expressing their love. Vegeta has a plan to make Bulma show him how she really feels, But what could he be planning? ^^" **Incomplete**
Gekido Dance Vegeta-Saiyajin-no-ouji
An Alternate Universe B/V Fanfic. Loosely based on the movie Coyote Ugly. and Wooo! Vegetas a Vamp! ^^" ((Oh, and notice one of the chars name ish Tracy? Thats meee! ^^" thanks Clancie love yahs!)) **Incomplete**
Rape and Romance Amber
Yamtcha is pissed when Bulma breaks up with him. How's he going to handle it? His way of handling it isn't Bulma's idea of fun, or anyone elses. When Bulma screams for her Prince will he come? When they're finally alone what will happen? *One-Shot*
Sexual Frustartion Amber
What happens when Bulma denies giving Vegeta some 'loving'? Vegeta seems pretty ticked about it *Giggles* What will he do to release the frustration that builds up? **One-Shot**
If I Could Change You PhantomScribe72
Viagra!?...Oops... Amber
Vegeta is nagging Bulma about her cooking as usual and Bulma decides to get even. What happens when she tries to slip him Laxative in his soup and gives him Viagra instead? Who knows, you'll have to read. **One-Shot**