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Animoon- our missions
Diane Mizuno, our fearless leader. Born in the collision between Holy and Meteor she was transported back in time where she grew up as a normal child. Years later she is working for Shinra and promoted to Turk, here is where our story begins

Diane's Story

Li Yikomi, a sad little girl, growing up in the shadow of her Pok'emon Master parents. Touring the Shamuti Islands, as part of the Grand Master World Tour, Yikomi makes a new friend, that offers her a new life

Kaze's Story

Ichiban Saiyan, driven crazy by her younger siblings, the young warrior blows off steam competing in the local arena. Whispers of a rumor spurs Ichiban to steal a higher ranking soldier's space pod, only to find that she was not the first one to come up with that idea....

Ichiban's Story

Meg Arcawoman, abandoned as a pup, she was found by Kaze, who lives in the middle of nowhere. But strange things happen in the middle of nowhere, and an act of heroism earns an ordinary arcanine a human's body.

Meg's Story

Vash Kino, exiled from his home planet of Jupiter for his attempt on the life of doughnut tycoon Ziege Ryo, Vash recieves a visit from an angel! Or so he thinks.

Vash's Story

  • Chapter 1
  • This one isn't done either

  • Ami chan Parker, a princess of the Digital Kingdom whose twin sister,Rina, was possesed by the darkness of the Negaverse. Thought to be dead, Rina returns years later to claim the Kingdom for the Black Moon .

    Ami's Story