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Beavers attack in the confusion!
oekaki art!
  • your move- you hit them with your boxers that really belong to Ichiban, but you used them anyway, seeing how its all her fault for not cleaning her room and the naval seal beavers DID crawl out of her things...

  • naval seal beavers take 2 points damage, and counter your vicious boxer throw with great justice! ... then he bites you.

    you take 3 points damage!!

  • you've had enough of this snzt and are going to send the naval seal beaver to their squishy doom!!

  • you summon your non existant monsters ~50 mp! non existant monstersleap on the naval seal beaver and eat it's head.

you have defeated naval seal beaver.
you recieve 400 points experience, and a lifetime membership!
However the website you seek is in another castle...