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Kaze's Story-Chapter 1
Call Me Anything You Like, Except Late for Dinner
Kaze's Story, Chapter One

the chance stop her. She turned around a corner and leaned against the wall, stopping momentarily to

catch her breath.

we go see that ocean!" Hogosuru barked his agreement, and the pair set out to the dock. was on was of astronomical size. She was the most famous ship in johto, there wasn't a place you

could visit that didn't know the name S.S. Orion. She had been built with the vision to surpass the

speed and power of the S.S. Anne, which sank to her watery grave in Kanto14 years before Yikomi

even knew there was a spot of water bigger than the bath tub. Though it's immense size and beauty

were pleasing to any adult who cared, for Yikomi, she would've liked a shorter walk.

as they finally emerged from the depths of the ship. The dock was large and stretched out in every

direction, speckled here and there with trainers and their pokemon.

girls prefered to be in the company of cute pokemon. A foolish trainer noticed this, and offered

to trade Yikomi's " Ugly houndour" for his "sweet little pichu". Yikomi however demonstrated that she

was not all ashamed to have a friend like hogosuru by ordering him to " Flame wheel!!" the trainer.

This earned the pair of them a round of applause from the bystanders, and a peaceful day of playing

out in the open.

that they had watched for most of the afternoon. Even the sea seemed in in a good mood

, calm and quiet. Once the pair of them had had their fill of the " fresh sea air" they retreated back to

their cabin, once again enduring the ridiculously long trek through the ship.

relax awhile before mama gets back!" She grinned at her houndour, pushed open the door and

walked in, oddly enough, though, someone was in fact already there.

stop!! it's okay, hey...suru.... SURU STOP THAT!!" Yikomi yelled over the barking, which abruptly

ended. The only sounds heard in the cabin were the terrified sobs of the stranger.

to attack, and threw open the curtain. A small girl about her age was crouched on the floor. until Hogosuru yipped very loudly making the two of them jump. into a grin and she laughed. briefly "I'm Yikomi Li-chan, who're you?" smile, "My name's Sara-Ni Raiu, but everyone calls me Sara!", she replied and extended her hand. this's Hogosuru, my best friend!," she said, and eventually convinced Sara to pat him on the head

assuring her that he wouldn't hurt a fly. Hogosuru tolerated this for a moment, looking as if he would

rather be beaten savagely with a baseball bat, and retreated to the corner with a disgruntled 'boof'.

herself. Yikomi thought it was amazing that Sara's parents let her out on her own, her parents would

fling themselves into a raging inferno before letting her do any such thing.

they'd known each other for years. Mostly they talked about their favorite pokemon, and Yikomi was

quite suprised to learn that Sara was already training one named Kyari.

hopped merrily around the room leaving a tiny white trail of 'poofies' behind it. One of them bursted

on hogosuru's nose and made him sneeze so loudly it scared Kyari back into its pokeball, so ending

the rain of poofy like things.

getting. Sara aparrently didn't either, for they both got the crap scared out of them when yikomi's

parents suddenly burst through the door.

and squeezing her in a deathgrip hug. "Oh yikomi!! we looked for you out on the dock, and and--" she sobbed "Oh we found you, thank goodness your safe!!" like she was going to explode with laughter. shaking hands with a man in the doorway, "great," she thought, "Leave it to them to make a huge

fuss out of this. I'll bet the whole ship thinks I'm dead or something!"

long at all for her parents to notice Sara, who had been sitting very quietly the whole time. would've kill her if Yikomi had said she had found Sarah in her cabin, After scolding her for

letting someone in while they were away,they told Sarah to leave.

Yikomi to be alone for the rest of the afternoon. the preperation she had to go through for the dinner. whether she liked it or not. Her parents were extremely wellknown throughout Johto and Kanto

for their incredible skill and knowledge in training the nocturnal element. They were hailed by some as

the greatest, and there was always a big party to attend, always a massive battle to be fought, always

something that took them away from her.

"Oh Yikomi, that should have already been done!" following faithfully behind her. "Well, at least i wont be completely alone."

never seen so many faces before, at least not all in one place, but one thing was certain: she wasn't

having a good time with it at all.

bombarded with people. Trainers she had never seen before in her life looking for a word of advice

from her mother, a bit of praise from her father, what should they do with their nocturnal type

pokemon, oh Wise Master Li?.

talk to mommie and daddy, they talk forever, Yikomi gets ignored, mommy and daddy tell Yikomi

to go play. The only thing she liked about her family was getting away from it.

existence, but there seemed to be no end to the talking. the party. After all, what good was hanging around if you were just going to be ignored the whole


the trainers and their petty little problems, except usaully she couldn't just walk out of it. direction anyway. Perhaps it was also because it was just outside the dining area, and she could keep

an eye on the party in case it ended early or something odd like that.

their minds right in the middle of whatever they're doing." wonderfully cool and breezy on her face as she made her way to the railing. She balanced herself

upon the rail and watched the horizon, swirled with dimly flashing clouds.

storms, but what on earth was that? She looked down at the sea and felt it again,"What the-?" around to see Sara. "What are you doing out here?" who seemed a year or two older than her. He followed Sara slowly, watching Yikomi with a pair of

bright blue eyes. Hogosuru advanced foreward a few paces and growled softly at him. He yelped and

fell backwards.

reassuringly. himself." up shakily and walked very cautiously towards them. Yoshi!" calls me. Sara's been talking about you and er...your houndour-" and this's my buddy 'Suru!" Hogosuru sat up tall at the sound of his name, trying to look as

intimidating as he could.

I've heard a lot of things about your family!" alive that didn't know she existed. two have met, what say we get down to business." that I really like you and 'Suru, you two are really the first friends I've ever had other than


than 'Suru... my parents move around too much and I dont get to meet other kids who arent poke-

snots." she stuck out her tounge and the three of them laughed.

looked very serious. talking about Sara?" she turned to Yoshi, "Do you two know something I don't?" Sara if you tell her, she's going to have to come with us. Or we'll have to get rid of her!" He looked

scared, and that was when Yikomi realised exactly how serious they were being.

explode tonight at midnight." the sky," he made an upwards guesture with his finger. neck. happening!!" want to do it, but we've got to follow orders," Yoshi said. Yikomi's voice shook with fright. ago when that kid beat the boss!" they didn't count on us to get a new leader. The Rocket Empire is back, bigger and badder than ever.

All the old school rockets are back and there are hundreds of new members too, they even took

Sara and me off the streets! And with the world's best trainers are out of the picture, Team Rocket

WILL rule the world. The annual masters cruise was the key to it all!"

she couldn't just let them die, she would die too!!she was one of those people! Why were they telling

her these things? There was only one way to find that out, " Why do you want me to know this if I'm

gonna die too?"

friend I've ever had and so is 'Suru. I-I don't want you to die!" she cried and threw her arms around

Yikomi in the same way her mother had.

ever had! If you died I'd be all alone again, I dont want that!!" she sobbed. Yikomi threw a confused

look at Yoshi, who shook his head and smiled.

She looked up at Yikomi and sniffled again. "Yikomi, come with us! get out of here, you don't

belong with these people!"

We'd be like a family!" Sara pleaded, tears streaming down her cheeks. life she loathed, or join Team Rocket and be with her only friends forever. She had never been

given such a choice!

stay stuck in the life she had. Sara was right, she didn't belong! How could she choose? want these people to die. Now, you guys said you don't like the idea of killing off the worlds

greatest trainers right?"

admitted. he replied,"There's a large network of time bombs located around the engine room. They're all

hooked up to a computer thats programmed to stagger the detonation sequences. Every member of

Team Rocket is on this boat, and we're meant take the pokemon after the first string of bombs go off,

during the first delay, which will last 2 minutes. While we're doing that, helicopters will be landing on

the deck to take us away before the second wave hits."

bombs will explode. Once that happens there's another time delay, this one lasts longer, about 3

minutes. By the time that's up we'll be about 2000 feet in the air, with about 20,000 new pok'emon,

and the story of the Orion will be the sequel to Titanic."

computer. That would shut down every bomb on the ship, at then all we have to worry about are the

attack squads."

they'd attack so many high leveled pokemon at once without panic on their side. It would be suicide!" we high tail it out of there before anyone realizes what we did!" he thought," hogosuru save ship, little master be happy, hogosuru be happy too!" Yikomi needs a new name." Yikomi, the most famous little girl in Johto, is with Team Rocket. They'd think we kidknapped her,

and then we'd have a war on our hands! What we need is a snappy new name for you, Yikomi-chan,

and quickly, we dont have too much time."

How's that sound?" match her looks with her name. Yikomi, you pick a name." herself? A loud crack of thunder errupted from the sky, which had become thick with ferocious storm

clouds. A very cold wind blasted over the dock, screwing up her hair and making her shiver, "Stupid


blast of lightning. Waves crashed into the S.S. Orion's hull, forcing it to rock in a nausiating fashion. feeling, something about the sea was affecting her karma. Hogosuru shifted around on his paws whimpering, Yikomi guessed he sensed something as well.

Something was bad wrong.

out of her thoughts. something better, like Crystal?" windy." of Team Rocket!" engine room.

Written by Raiu Kaze