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Meg's story~Chapter one
All Alone

Meg's Story, Chapter One

   It's getting cold again.  Mama! Mama! Where are you!? You've been gone 
for so long. Where am I? Where are you? Mama, come back! I promise I'll be 
   The light is fading around me and the evening mists are begining to rise.  
They make my fur damp, and cold.  Mama! I howled weakly into the night sky.  
I begin to cry, the fur on my face is soaked with tears. I miss my 
brothers and sisters, and I miss my Mama.  I'm not sure if i'll be able
to last another night alone.  I howled again.


   I yelped and dove into the grass.  Even at the kennel I stayed away from 
the houndooms and their pups.  They weren't nice like the smeargals, who 
painted pretty balls and chewy ropes to play with.

   "Go away!" I barked,"I'm a giant pidgeotto that eats ten houndooms in a 


   I hate it when houndooms laugh.  

   "Suru? Suru? Hogosuru!  Get back here!!"

   "Urf?" I looked up and standing above me was a young girl, with short, 
sky blue hair.  She looked angry about something and kept calling for Suru.
Maybe she's lost her mama too, I thought.

   She looked down and saw me in the grass,"Now who're you?"  I was too weak 
to get away, before I knew it she had picked me up and was cradling me in 
her arms.

   "Aren't you just the cutest little thing, but where's your mother?"

   I didn't have time to respond, a giant houndoom came bounding out 
of the woods!  It had a large bone helmet on it's head and smelled like 
death.  It opened it's mouth, thick ropes of saliva dripped off of 
it's teeth, it gathered itself to lunge.  I could see it aiming for the 
girl's throat, I cringe into her arms and hope it's over with quickly.
It rears up on it's hind legs and begins slobbering on her face?

   "Get down! Your breathe smells like the twelfth layer of hell 
sandwiched between two rancid buttcheeks!"
   The houndoom stopped licking the girl and began to poke me with it's nose.

   "Stop laughing! We need to get this little guy home, it's all skinny
and hungry-like."
   The girl started walking,"My name is Kaze, where's your mother?"   

   I shrugged my shoulders. I was tired, hungry, and cold, and that stupid
Houndoom was laughing at me. 

   "You poor thing.  I'll take you home and give you some miso soup, and a
rice ball, and some dumplings, and maybe some orange juice concentrate,
and some fish with a little soy sauce an-"

   I don't know how long it took to get to her house because I fell asleep 
on the way.  When I woke up, there was a bowl of hot soup in front of me.

   "You're kinda funny looking," Kaze said as she came out of the kitchen.

   I looked up from my soup, "And just that is that supposed to mean?"  
  "I've never seen an arcanine that was so small," Kaze walked over to a 
cluttered bookshelf and pulled out the handy 808.
  "Look at this," the pok'edex started rambling off information about 
growlithes while a 3 dimensional image rotated on the screen. It looked
like my family. Kaze held up a mirror.  I looked at my reflection, then 
at the picture of the Growlithe, the growlithe had it's mane slicked 
back, my hair went in the other direction.  Then Kaze pushed some 
buttons and the growlithe changed into an arcanine.  I put my paw on the 
pok'edex and watched a larger version of myself spin on the screen. 

   I smiled and wagged my tail, the pok'dex was talking about me.  

   "Well its getting late so I think that we should try to get to bed, 

I nodded in response

   "Good night-.....uhhhh, you know what? I never got a name for you, 
did I? All my other pok'emon have names, let's see."
   Kaze thought for a while, after half an hour, I was bored with all 
of the thinking.

   "Meg!" Kaze suddenly said, "how about I call you Meg?"

   I thought it over a bit, hey why not it's a pretty cool name after 
all, better than my kennel number anyways. I nodded in agreement

   "Ok then that's gonna be your new name, Meg." With that Kaze got up 
and hopped into her hammock. "Good night Meg, see ya in the morning." 

   I tried to go to sleep on the floor, but Hogosuru was giving me 
the creeps, so I hopped into the hammock with Kaze.

Written by Meg Arcanine,and Ichiban Saiyan