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Chapter Two

Hogosuru, I had no reason to be freaked out by him. He was pretty cool once you got used to the

smell, and that annoying laugh. I guess I got used to that too.

league officials telling her how to raise her pok'emon, or how many she could have around her at a

time. The little house she lived in doubled as a refuge for all the pok'emon on the island as well as all

the islands surrounding it. On any given day at any given time, the place was crowded with all

sorts of unusual pok'emon.

place to kick back and relax without having to worry about 'what kind of pok'emon are you?'. island. As I tromped through the thick tropical growth I heard a splashing sound coming from the


bitch, even on a good day. But as I stood in the jungle, listening to the frantic splashing, my

curiosity got the better of me.

was going on, without having to worry about Maggi seeing me. neck to see what was in the water. A small black feline was thrashing around in the lagoon. I don't like water and Maggie's in there. I either risk it and get fed, or stay out of it and be

hungry" It only took about two seconds for my stomach to win out.

Suddenly a large black shadow cut across the surface of the water. could. for long. I was dogpaddling like crazy trying to reach the little cat. swimming after him. shadow appeared beneath me. Maggie's large tail arched out of the water, sending the kitty and

myself flying to the shore.

him up when the lagoon began to bubble and froth. glared menacingly at me and began to use her 'hyper beam' attack. As the beam shot toward me I

ran like crazy, the attack just missing my tail as I hurtled through the woods.

ground to catch my breath. began to speak,"Thank you saving me. I thought I was dead, but thanks to you i'm not. You

risked your own life to save mine"

was crunchy and probably tasted good with ketchup. and my fur receded into my skin, leaving my body bare. My spin straightened itself, forcing me to

stand on hind legs that were suddenly suited for the job. I watched in a mixture of awe and horror

as my large powerful foreclaws began to soften and shrink into tiny human hands.

swished wildly trying to compensate for my loss of equellibrium. might find appealing, but I certainly did not. Scout of Fire, get dressed Arcanine, and we shall find my sister Ipera who will make

everything clear to you."

the garment on, and shakily walk back home.

Written by Meg Arcanine,and Ichiban Saiyan