Ichiban's Story

Muscles bunch up, then pull tight. Crack! Flesh meets flesh. The roar of the crowd

throbs in time with my pulse. I wipe the blood from my face, and bare my teeth at the


next move. He comes at me from behind, moving with a speediness that I am hard

pressed to match. A lightning fast barrage of kicks and punches come flying out from

what seems like nowhere. I try to block, but his attack's get through. My armour starts to

crack under the assault.

smirk becomes a grin, he knows I can't keep up for much longer, and sends me flying

with one well placed punch.

around me. Blood pools from my mouth, my ribs feel broken. The audience is cheering

my opponent, I open my eyes in time to see his foot land on my chest.

gasp for air. I can feel ribs tearing deeper into my lungs as I struggle. He laughs at me,

the harsh sound drifting eerily down through the noise of the crowd.

is suddenly gone. I bite down harder, relishing the feel of his bones crunching as I listen

to the music of his screams.

breath I take. My enemy is on his knees, where he belongs, I spit on him, then I wheel

around on my heel and deliver a stunning blow to his head.

balance, I catch him between the shoulder blades. A sickening thunk echoes through

the stadium as his arm is dislocated, I can hear the competion officials calling at me to

stop. He falls to the ground but I don't stop, I won't stop!

gaurds pull me away, but it takes three of them to do so. I am coated with blood, and

fight all the way to the hospital wing.

Written by Ichiban Saiyan

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