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Memories- Dianes' Story

This story has been made in the loving memory of "Shits" my goldfish who died 4 years ago.

Name: Diane Mizuno
Age: 20
Bloodtype: unknown
Position in Animoon: Lead Scout
Side Job: turk
Origin: Life Stream
Relatives: Li Mizuno

bright Sakura blossom painted on it. Sakura was her favorite type of flower, though she loved all

flowers,especially red ones.

She was recovering from a spill she had taken during the annual Cosmo Canyon chocobo race. Her

arm pulled in it's sling as she wrote. She felt tired and irritated, as she looked down at the papers she

was supposed to be filing. 'This is dumb', she thought, 'treating me like a secretary, I'm a TURK

for crying out loud.

began to doze off. Hitting her head on the desk with an abrubt thump, she sat bolt upright,"75 times

the square root of an iscoslease rectangle is equal to the circumfrence of the rings around uranus, sir!"

She sat in silence for a moment. 'What the hell?' She used her good arm to rub the bump forming on

her head, and sat back in her chair. Her tiny clock blinked on the corner of the desk, 3:30 AM. She

had been a turk for one full day.

through her Mako green hair, and tried to make her eyes focus, everything stayed blurry. She was

tired, she shuffled the mass of papers into a neat stack, and stumbled into her bunk.

early morning sounds of her hometown. The chocobos cutting up in their stalls, crazy Captain Cid,

screaming at Shera for his "damn" tea, she even missed the rusty creaking of the rocket swaying in the


shivered, it was very cold, even for early in the morning. There was no sunlight to greet an early

riser, and absolutely no Chocobos allowed in the building.

She couldn't afford to be late today. She had buissiness to take care of, but before she could even get

out of bed, her cell phone rang.

ear away from the phone as he bellowed into the reciever,"Wakey Wakey, rise and shakey,Imoto!"

,it's so much more important. I need you to fax me some some...." Li thought for a minute, he

didnt have a good memory. "That stuff, what was it again? Oh yeah... Tea."

Slums today grocery shopping wasn't something she had to do. She sighed she couldn't tell her

brother no, "Yeah, I'll see what I can do. And pleeease, pleeeease, No more prank calls. You were

lucky President Rufus wrote those 100 or so pizzas off as an some sort of Avalanche scheme."

Uniform. "Aww man."

changed into a new outfit. She glanced into a mirror and noticed her hair. The triple buns studding each side of her head, trailing into long pigtails made her feel girly. She pulled the ties out and

worked a brush through her lengthy tresses, pulling them into a long pony tail, making herself look

more professional. She cinched up her tie and went to grab her weapon.

today she ignored it and pulled a small hand gun from her desk drawer, tucking it snugly into

it's holster. Checking the materia in her gun, Diane walked out of her room, and into the common

area that was shared by fellow Turks, and members of SOLDIER. It was empty now, so Diane

headed for the elevators.

out the glass window of the elevator, watching the people of Midgar scurry between the levels like

little ants. There was no trace of the slums on the upper plates of Midgar, everything was kept shiny

and clean. She felt a pang of homesickness as she watched, the beautiful sunsets of Rocket Town

seemed so far away.

defintion of cool as it was. Being the "newbie" would put even more pressure on her to keep that

trademark cool going.

around and saw another person dressed like her, a bald guy with dark sunglasses.
got the distinct impression that if she could, they would be glazed over.
ignored it. He just nodded his head, and Diane pulled her hand back, wondering if she had done

something wrong.


office. Diane had no idea why she was to report to President Rufus, she noticed that another Turk

, a girl about her age was walking toward them.

blonde hair,and large brown eyes.
said, but his tone pissed her off.
forces. She wasn't just a replacement! Ignoring the whispers of colleages, she headed up the stairs to

President Rufus Shin-ras' Office.

of goggles on his forehead, his skin was pale with a light smattering of freckels. He was rather

gangly looking.

the redhead was standing. Diane felt her face redden, as the other turk smiled at her.

Turning to Diane she said,"I'm Elena, Nice to meet you." She smiled, Diane had never seen such a

smile, it was so cold and profesional.

conversation. Diane had never been this close to Rufus Shinra, and was amazed at how young he

sounded. His dirty blonde hair was slicked back stylishly, and the saphire tie tack brought out

the blue in his eyes. He seemed preoccupied as he set down the reciever.

to such abruptness, and had to scurry to keep up. insubordination,"You have a four field trained agents, and should have no trouble flushing out the


prepare for an important mission! She would be up till the buttcrack of dawn, again, because of


"Back to hunting the elusive Cloud Strife," Reno walked into the elevator and jammed on the button,

"I remember the last time we went up against his crew."


uniform was hot in the sticky weather, her hair was plastered to her head under the helmet she

wore. The heads-up display begin compling information about her foe. Warrants for his arrest

were many, charges of kidnapping, terrorism, overdue library books.

knees. Inside her helmet she gritted her teeth and stared into the calm face of her enemy. seem pale in contrast. Hard blonde spikes of hair, framed an almost delicate face. The

battered SOLDIER uniform he wore, was patched in many places and the colors had faded

into dreary shades of gray.

fell to the ground, still clutching her HolyBuster. As she struggled to get to her feet, she

heard the familiar whine of materia being powered up.

screams echoed through her helmet, making her ears ring, and her head throb. making his way to the next level,"We only have a few minutes till this thing blows!", then a voice said,"Get out of here." A foot landed in the small of her back, and shoved

her off of the platform.

asigned to guard the third landing from the base of the pillar. As she fell, she could hear Barret

bitching at Tifa. She landed with a bone crushing thump, whatever that Tifa-woman had put in

her armor was crushed when she landed on it. Thin shards of glass dug into her chest, as

gooey liquid oozed into the wounds.

around her body. She could feel the potion forcing her body to heal. She sat up suddenly as the

plate overhead began to creak. Mako energy dripped from the ceiling, Diane got to her feet

and started running.

at Elena.
parents had been crushed under the debris. She had found her older brother burned and bloody,

trying to dig them out with his bare hands. Liquid mako was gushing from the ruptured pipes,

spraying her and her brother with the bright chemical. The main pipeline burst then, sweeping them

away in a flood of green. She remembered screaming as the Mako burned her skin.

each heading toward their quarters to get prepared for tomorrow.

Written by Diane Mizuno, Edited by Ichiban Saiyan