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Vash's Story, Chapter One

scan in 3...2...1...." A mechanical voice rang throughout the laboratory. Far across the room, cast

under the heavy shadows of ruined machines, an aged man stood up and began trudging towards the

dimly glowing computer screens near the tanks.

casting more eerie shadow on his wrinkled face. He stared blankly into the flickering screens

and let out a long rattling sigh. "It will have to do..." He turned and stretched, using his hands to

support his lower back as he did. " Let's begin."

equipment. The current condition of his lab had resulted from the horrible war between their

planet, Jupiter, and the Dragon Empire led by the ruthless shogun Zeige Ryu.

weapons resources on their planet- the order of Princess Lita preached pacifism along with the

White Moon Kingdom. This order sat fairly well with the people of Jupiter for many years, even if

some people never gave up their right to fight. However, when their beatiful world of peace was

shattered by war, those few stood up ready for action, and Dr. Gwyndion was one of them.

did his body. He was astoundingly brilliant under his pile of wrinkles, and was fighting for what most

people had given up on, Jupiter, the only way he knew how.

that graced the wall of tank 05. The small dark window that stared out of it like an empty eye socket

suddenly flickered with tinted light, a soft whirring noise issuing from inside.

checking over the data they read. " May take over 3 or 4 years to complete construction...but..." his

voice trailed off. He placed a hand on the glass window and peered into the tank, observing it's


grossly revealing bionic parts underneath, a thick sea of black wires and tubes connecting them to

an almost spent life support tank. His halfway completed face was obscured by dark black bangs,

one white streak of hair contrasting brightly against it. This incompleted bio-Android, built to

lead Jupiter to victory against the cursed Dragon Empire, was the last surviving model on the planet.

His name was-

forefinger. "Its hard to imagine, Jupiter's new revolution of peace and prosperity would be given

to them by a machine of war."

5 years later...

He aimed it at the tank, his smile growing wider, and pressed the small red button in the center of it.door,"SHIT!" blip of a button being pushed. Seconds later the door opened, light spilling into the dark

cryogenic chamber, blinding Vash. When his vision returned he wished he was still blind.

feeling?"lunged feet first out of the tank, landing in a terrified heap on the floor. behavior, I mustn't have deleted your personality well enough, no matter, Vash Kino," He walked

over to him and pulled him up by the back of his collar, "A few minor adjustments and that won't

be a problem."

stood up, realizing for the very first time how tall he was.speaking, and began trying to find the source of the cricket chirps. as data files, but-" "Then why are you talking to me?" Vash thought as the scientist continued to


Empire's main base, you will infiltrate the facility and destroy it. I imagine that will keep Zeige down

for at least a-"

tolerate-" getting older! God he's old, I wonder if he still has any teeth." Gwyndion's cane. my explanation, the machines can tell you better than I can."

Doctor began uploading information into his central core.

across the head. looked up at Dr Gwyndion with huge watery eyes and said,"Daddy?" enough information, or do you need more." According to your information, he also dances the flamingo on saturdays with your wife and three


foolishness!" he stomped over to a shrouded table, ripping the tarp off revealing rows of shiny metal


"I can't take this! We're going to remove any shred of personality, right now!" He glared back at Vash and was suddenly struck with suprise, Vash was gone!

Written by Vash Kino, Edited by Raiu Kaze