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Welcome to the fanfic section. This is where we chuck our work so we can delete it off of our hard drives. Anyway, if your in the mood for a serious epic type fic, you should go to the Mission Fics. The stories on this page however, are silly little romps throughout various animes, where by and large we bend the characters to our twisted whims.

Happy Anniversary!

Bulma takes her parents for their anniversary. Stuff the Super Saiyan in a suit, hop in the car, and it's off to the restraunt for a nice quiet dinner, yeah right.

Written by Ichiban

Cell Sucks

Cell sucks, end of subject.

Written by Ichiban

The Perfect Man

Make the perfect man in six gundam pilots or less.

Written by Ichiban

Tender, Loving, Care

Heero Yuy is sent to the BSU Psychiatric ward for a little understanding.

Written by Kaze

Gundam Grossness


Written by Kaze


A three part parody of the Pok`emon episode, 'Tentacool and Tentacruel'

Act One
Act Two
Act Three

Written by Ichiban

Cheeze me!

Who brought the tartar sauce?

Written by Kaze and Ichiban

Pacman Trilogy

Three short stories starring that atari spawned fiend, Pacman! (Actual fact, when kaze and me were little, we actually had a ms. pacman arcade machine in our living room)

Pacman vs the Power Puffs
Pacman vs Kirby
Pacman and The Holy Grail

Written by Kaze

Pic-a-path! or your nose

An interactive Canidate for Goddess story! The computer will ask you a couple of questions, type in your answers or make some up, (I probably won't make any more of these. this little one took a little over 3 hours)

Written by Ichiban

The Problem with Drinking Games

A small kinda preachy stand against the anime drinking game

Written by Ichiban "none of you are old enough to drink anyway" Saiya-jin