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Finally, the fanfiction section is up! The fanfics are listed below, so read awway! If you wish to use any of these fanfics on your page, please e-mail the author before you e-mail me. Also, if you wish to submit fanfics or art, please send it to That is all, so happy reading^_^

Title Author Description
A Night to Remember Lai Kayori A Beautifully made fanfic based on the future of Sakura and Li's relationship. Very well-made, its one of those stories that "keeps you off the edge of your seat"
A Clear, Plain Dream Ukyou One of my stories, features how dreams can make two closer...
Cardcaptors Guardian Series Lai Kayori A new girl named Lai Kayori appears in Sakura's school. What happens if the Clow Cards mysteriously attack her?
C.C.G.S. pt 2--Li's Heartbreak Lai Kayori a couple's love, as told from both sides.
Obstacles of Love Clow Angel Li gets hurt and Sakura helps him. What happens if Meilin gets a bit...jealous?
Chapter 1--The 'Destruction' Clow Angel Part 1--Li gets hurt, and Sakura helps him, what will happen to Li?
Chapter 2--Trouble is Along the Way... Clow Angel Part 2--With Meilin jealous, what will happen between Meilin and Sakura?
Chapter 3--Oh Noooooo! Clow Angel Part 3--Sakura senses a new card, but Meilin gets her revenge!
Chapter 4--Untitled Clow Angel Part 4--The bullet meant to hit someone, hits someone else, and a friend goes to capture the card that did it to her...
A Girl I Like Ukyou Li reveals his secret love of Sakura!
Gone Forever... Ukyou After a year, Sakura copes with her inner pain...
The Fight for Sakura Hayato16 A new student, a rival of Syaoran's. Yet, this bitter rivalry becomes a fight for one's love.
Fragmented Memories pt 1 Ukyou Li Syaoran wakes up in a strange hospital, in which doctors question him about the Clow Cards, as a tape recorder takes it all down...
Fragmented Memories pt 2 Ukyou The tape continues to record, as Li finally realizes where he is.
Fragmented Memories pt 1 Ukyou Finally, Li and Co. plan the escape...
My Longing Desire Ukyou A year after Li goes back to China, Li and Sakura finally meet, with their feelings to guide them.
Fragmented Memories pt 2 Ukyou A Clow Card speaks out to tell her problems to the public.
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