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Hello! This is the places list, and lists the many places that any CCS episode has featured. This is done in the same format as the items list, so you should know how to navigate. I have grouped them by letter, so its easy to find anything^_^ Just remember though, if you want to use this on your site, e-mail me at That is all^_^

This Document is Property of Cherry Fields.
Places Contents



The beach--Sakura and Co. go here for a field trip. Located near a cave, which the erase card resides in.


Cave shrine- A long time ago, people would go to this shrine, located at the end of a cave near a beach, and would leave a stone there.

College Library--The library of in which the Clow book was located in.







Konnyaku-Li's least favorite food. Looks like a sort of jelly.


Li Training Hall--The hall in China, where Meilin and Li would train with Qin.

Li's apartment--The place where Li lives in. He lives in the center of the city, on the third floor of his building.


Maggie's store--This small toy store sold 'fake' clow cards, but one unfortunatly was the Shot card.




Penguin Slide-This curious little slide is in just about every episode. Everyone in Sakura's town loves it, as if it were a historical monument. Weighs a ton, though...



Readington-The dubbed series takes place in this town

Readington Elementary--The school the cast of CCS go to.

Readington High--Yukito and Touya go here for school. Features a state of the art Chemistry lab.


Shinto Shrine--This shrine is where Sakura and Co. usually meet Mizuni Kaho (Mrs. McKenzie), it sells lucky charms. This is also where the Maze Card was.

Sakura's house--The house Sakura resides in. Seems to be in the suburbs, away from the city.


Tokyo Tower--Sakura's strange dreams have a woman standing on this communications tower







The Zoo--Sakura and Co.'s encounter with the Power card takes place here. Located near the ever-famous Penguin slide!
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