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The book of the clow contains many cards, known as Clow Cards. When the cards are released, it will spell certain disaster. It is the job of a card captor to capture each one of these cards before anything can happen.

Kerberus, or Kero-chan, was supposed to have been protecting the book of the clow when Sakura Kinomoto opened it. As she opened it, all the cards flew out, which meant that someone had to get them all. Kero-chan, sensing magic power in Sakura, made her a Cardcaptor. Now, Sakura has to recapture these cards, before the world's fate is met.

Li Shaoran, a tranfer student from Hong Kong, has come to Japan to take over as a cardcaptor. The Shaoran family is a direct decendent from the being that created the Clow Book. He and Sakura become rivals in collecting the cards. With the help of Kero-chan, they hope to capture the cards, before it is too late...
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