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Site Completion Date--December 5th 2000
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Hello , and welcome to Cherry Fields, your #1 resource for Card Captor Sakura! Currently, this site is under construction, but as the updates come and go, you can see the site news below. Oh, please if you do, vote for me!

The Anime Blossoms!

Just a Bit Lazy-Ukyou 3-30-02 | Mail Me! Piyo, Piyo!
I admit it, I've been lying on my ass for a year not getting anything done. Guess what tho? I'm I'm working on 5.0 again!

I desperatly need some help! If you can offer some help (Character info/Voice actor information/e.t.c) please e-mail me at!

Also, bandwidth is a BAD problem now with Angelfire. I'm planning to move to a better host (but 5.0 will be on Brinkster for now). I'll have to pay 5 dollars a month or so, but that won't matter.

Looking back, I realize that this site can never become as big as I hoped it would be. I'll never beat Sakura Star, and I know it *lol*. Please though, if you can, pass on to a friend that this site exists.


In other news:

Back with even more updates!-Ukyou 11-9-00 | Mail Me! Piyo, Piyo!
Current 5.0 Updates:

The new version of 5.0 IS being worked on. As I am typing, about 5 more pages are being uploaded. The WinAmp skins page HAS been made! I also need to have some people to submit news, or someone who can help me set up newspro. If you can do either, please IM me at

Also, I have 5 spots open for Affiliation. please IM if you are interested to being affiliates.

In other news:

Back with more updates!-Ukyou 6-14-00 | Mail Me! Piyo, Piyo!
I'm back! Here are hopefully today's updates^^

Sorry about the really big lack of updates. My old computer was bad...and I couldn't update without being booted. Now, tho, I got a new comp, and work starts again!

With the new comp comes more updates with 5.0. I got in a few more pages yesterday, and you can see a preview of 5.0 if you click here.

Cherry Fields 5.0 Information:

-Quicker load
-Better layout
-Bigger Information sections (Including Seiyuu and Characters sections)
-Much, much, much easier to navigate
-Online Games that work
-Online chat and new forums
-Affiliates Open
-Even bigger media Section

If anyone knows how to set up NewsPro, please e-mail me. In return, you'll automatically be made a staff member (if you want), or if you have a site, your site will be featured at the right menu of EVERY SINGLE PAGE as a featured link! That should boost up some hits for ya^^

I'm also hiring for MODERATORS at my new forum. Please e-mail me for more information.

In other news:

Back with more updates!-Ukyou 6-14-00 | Mail Me! Piyo, Piyo!
I'm back! Here are hopefully today's updates^^

Today, WinAMP skins will go up, and most likely, I'll be trying to fix up the web e-mail, so get ready for that^^ Also, I still need some articles for anime.

Also, with a growing amount of people saying that my layout should change around now, Cherry Fields VERSION 5.0 is currently in the works. It will feature more (and actually working) mp3's, as well as fixed movies! Dun forget the new layout! So, around the end of this month, this site will close for a few days to upload everything. Thanks! ^^

In other news:

Cardcaptors has actually reached Toonami on Cartoon Network. Still, Eriol will appear on June 23rd on Kids WB. This voice actor (for the Eriol Dub) was actually chosen by contest...and I forgot to enter.

Also, with the Store, it will close down for a while until the release of version 5.0 of Cherry Fields. Poor 4.0 never got a chance^^
Mp3 Page Fixed!-Ukyou 3-30-00 | Mail Me! Piyo, Piyo!
Konnichiwa minna-san! I've gotten the mp3 page fixed! I have 6 mp3s available on the page, and I am uploading even more right now.


In other news:

MORE NEWS!-Ukyou 3-9-00 | Mail Me! Piyo, Piyo!
Ok! I'm gonna be working on the mp3 page very soon. I'm hoping to be able to have the largest "mp3" gallery too^^


I will now be accepting "news" from YOU GUYS, the visitors! Yes! You! Now, all you have to do is type up your article, and send it to me at! You may send in articles about anime or CCS. ^^ Your articles will be featured on this homepage.

Now, I need feedback for my site! IN order to make 3.0 adjusted to you, the user, I need comments. YOu can send them to me at : or just click here


In other news:

There isn't any word on changes for Cardcaptor Sakura. Nelvana recently released the new Cardcaptors Trading card game, and also released a few toys. I saw the small Kero-talking-doll in a store, and it only says "I sense a clow card". Quite disappointing, but still, its cute^^
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