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Li Shaoran is a tranfer student from Hong Kong who is a direct decendent of the one who created the clow book. Once in a while, he is able to visit his mother and sisters, who live in Hong Kong.

Li also has a cousin in China, I believe, who is also Li's fiancee.

As a cardcaptor, he holds around a large sword, which he uses to capture Cards.

In conjunction to Sakura, he seems to be a rival at the beginning of the show. Not only in Cards, but it seems as if he has an interest in Yukito. With Sakura liking Yukito at the same time, it creates more rivalry between the two. As time goes on, Li starts tohave feelings for Sakura. So, he will end up helping Sakura, rather than trying to beat her.

Vital Statistics

Age: 10

Birthday: July 13

Blood Type: O

Favorite Subject: Math and Physical Education

Least Fav. Subject: Japanese

Extra School activities: None

Fav. Colors: Green

Fav. Food: Dim Sum and Chocolate

Least Fav. Food: Konnyaku

Fav. Flower: Peony

Best at Cooking: Cannot Cook at all!

Wants: More and more Cards

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