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Hey, I finally did it! I finished the items list! You are currently looking at the longest, most compresensive items list on the net! I currently have most of the items featured so far in CCS, so as time goes on, more and more items will be added to this 'already big' Items List! Underneath this text, you will see that there is a 'sit contents' area. Basically, you click on the first letter of the item, and it will take you to that category. Hey-y, why not just see for yourself^_^

This Document is Property of Cherry Fields.
Items Contents



Mrs. McKenzie's Bell- A bell given to Mrs. McKenzie. It is very old, and (I believe) was given to her by Kero.

Black Tea-Natasha's Favorite Drink

Bon-bons- Well, Sakura is on the cheerleading team...

Bentou-Rita is best at making this *Yummy*


Cave shrine- A long time ago, people would go to this shrine, located at the end of a cave near a beach, and would leave a stone there.

Clow Book-A book that contains all 52 cards.

Cotton Candy- Aiden's favorite food

Clow Cards-Cards that contain a spirit within. Unfortunatly, they were made free by Sakura, and now must be captured.

Clow Key-Sakura usually wears this on her neck, it can turn into the Clow Wand

Clow Wand- Sakura uses this to capture or release cards.

Chocolate-One of Li's Favorite foods

Crow Puppet-In the school play, Zachary used this puppet, and happened to take it a bit too seroiously.

Curry-Julian is good at cooking this food; My favorite food of all time!

Cake- Aiden is best at cooking this

Crype Myrtle- Nikki's favorite flower

Chinese Mushrooms-Meilin is best at making this food


Dumplings-Sakura used to fail to make this food. In order to be able to cook these, Sakura purchased a "Lucky card" to make her able to cook better.

Dim Sum-One of Li's fav. foods



Fried Tofu-Tory's least favorite food. Happens to be one of mine also...

Fried Noodles-Tory is good at cooking this food

Freesia-Chelsea's fav. flower


Game Boy-Kero enjoys bringing this handy game machine with him whenever Sakura's family goes away for a vacation^_^

Green Peppers-Chelsea's least fav. food



Italian Food- Madison specializes in cooking Italian foods. It is shown in several episodes.

Ice cream-Chelsea's fav. Food



Konnyaku-Li's least favorite food. Looks like a sort of jelly.


Lazenboard-Li uses this to find Clow Cards. It uses a "Magnetic field" to find them, then shoots out a beam of light to pinpoint their location. Unfortunatly, only people with magical powers can use it.

Lucky Charms-In the Maze episode, Sakura and Meilin go to the shrine to purchase one of these. Unfortunatly, they wind up lost in the maze card. Mrs. McKenzie gives these to them later in the episode.

Locke Cole's Theme (FF6)- (I just had to include this) The song I've listened to for hours. Has the uncanny ability to make me work even harder.


Madison's Video Camera-At just about every capture, Madison has her camera to catch it on tape

Meilin's Fighting Uniform-When ready to fight, Meilin dons this fighting uniform.

Magic Cards-Li occasionally uses these elemental cards to weaken cards.

Mealy Primrose- Julian's Favorite flower

Margaret-Rita's Favorite Flower

Muffins-Rita's Favorite Food


Natasha's Drawing-When Sakur's mother was little, she drew this picture of a rainbow that she usually saw on the balcony of her home.

Nadeshiko-Aiden's favorite flower


Onigiri-Zachary is best at making this food. A hand-rolled rice ball.


Peony--Li's Favorite Flower

Penguin Slide-This curious little slide is in just about every episode. Everyone in Sakura's town loves it, as if it were a historical monument. Weighs a ton, though...

Pork Buns-Occasionally, this food is eaten by several of the CCS cast. Seems to be a favorite food.

Pocky-Usually, you'll see Sakura, Madison, Kero, and the others nibbling on this all-time favorite snack^_^

Pancakes-Sakura is best a cooking this

Peach Blossom-Natasha's Fav. Flower



Ramen-Nikki's Favotie food

Rice Omelet- Tory is best at cooking this

Red Spider Lily- Zachary's fav. flower


Sakura's Wristwatch-A wristwatch given to Sakura by Julian, who calls it a "Late birthday present".

Syaoran's sword-A sword that Li uses to capture Clow cards. Also works in intimidating people^_^

Syaoran's Robes-When Li is ready to catch a card, he usually dons his family's special robes.

Sakura's Alarm Clock-In every episode that Sakura wakes up late, the alarm clock is there to break her mysterious dreams...

Sakura's Rollerblades-Sakura can usually be seen rollerblading to school, alongside Tory and Julian.

Sunflower-Kero's fav. flower

Steak-Happens to be Tory's Favorite food

Soccer--Happens to be Tory's best sport

Stew-Julian is best at cooking this

Sonomi's camera--Madison's mom used a regular camera to take pictures of Sakura's mom when they were young

Sword Brooch-Rita buys this brooch from a gift store. Unfortunatly, this is the sword card...

Soybeans-Rita's least favorite food

-T Touya's Bicycle-Usually, Tory rides his bike to school, alongside Julian and his sister, Sakura

Taro Root- Sakura's least favrite food



Vegetables-Everyone hates these these days....



Xylon Warriors-Kero's favorite video game.



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