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Hearts of Ice A spell gone wrong caused Ranma and Akane to be
ripped apart from each other. Watch as Ranma
searched desparately for a way to get Akane back,
while Akane learns the true way of the Art within
the realm of the gods, the Kami Plane...
Anything Goes
Ranma 1/2 Fanfic Page
This page is full of cool Ranma 1/2 fanfics, along
with a few other Anime. My favorite are the short
romantic fanfics by Kiwi about Ranma and Akane. There
are some longer fics too but I didn't had time to read
them all.
A Lesson in Love A Lesson in Love is mostly about how each character
delts or finds out about love. It's a really nice
fanfic. I haven't had time to read all the chapters,
only the first few. However, from what
I've read, this author really know how
to write!
Dreamspinner's Domain Dreamspinner's fanfics are some of my favorite ones!
You've GOT to read hers!
Studio Mako-chan I haven't read many fanfics on this page but I know
for sure that this author is one good writer! I'm
currently reading his "Destiny's Wish" series
where Nodoka made a wish that Ranma is a girl instead
of a guy. You gotta read it.
It's so good!
Remi's Favorite
Ranma 1/2 Fanfic Links
Here is a list of some of the best Ranma 1/2 fanfics
on the net. Here includes most, if not all, of the
links I got here, plus fanfics that I've
never got time to read.
Lines of Destiny Lines of Destiny is a really cool fanfic. It's a
Sailor Moon/Ranma 1/2 crossover; I've read it some
times ago and I don't remember the details. However,
I do know that it's great!
Differing Powers Differing Powers is a crossover with a series of books
called Wheels of Time, and Ranma 1/2. I've never read
WoT but the fanfic is really cool and it's not really
confusing if you've never read the series.
It's currently unfinished but I do hope he'll
finish it soon!
Daigakusei no Ranma/
Daigakusei no Ukyo
This is possibly the LONGEST fanfic EVER on the net!
First comes Daigakusei no Ranma, which is about Akane
and Ranma married and onto college. After that is
Daigakusei no Ukyo, about Ukyo and Ranma's love for
Akane. I haven't read DnU but I did read DnR.
It's really good, read it!
KaraOhki's Pagoda KaraOhki wrote some of the coolest fics! I like all
of her long series: "Breaking Free", "A Change of
Scene", "A Kiss to the Victor" and "Cinders" among
others. There's also this one short story that's really
funny. It's called "Previous Arrangements".
Among all of her fics, I think "Breaking
Free" and "Cinders" are the best. But check all of
them out, ne? ^_^
That's 1/2 My Goddess I LOVE THIS FANFIC! "That's 1/2 My Goddess" is a
Ranma/Ah! My Goddess fusion. It's really well done
and makes you want to read the next part immediately.
Too bad it's already finished. I
wouldn't mind reading more of it!
Angela's Fanfics Angela has some really cool fanfics, but my favorite
is "The Game". She said it's based on a book, but
even if you've already read that book, you would
want to read this. It's so cool! I'm still waiting for
the next chapter, but I do hope she can get it
out quickly!
Relentless "Relentless" is such a great story. If you've read
Krista Perry's "Heart of Ice" and liked it, then
you would definitely love "Relentless". It's just so
good! I hope the next part would be
out soon!
Quik's Nesting Place This author is still new at writing, but I swear, his
fanfics are great! Of his three fanfics so far, my
favorite is the first and second one on his
list. You've GOT to read it!
Bridget and Jamie's
Fanfic and Food
the fanfics by these two people are some of the best
on the net! Words couldn't describe how well done
they are! You HAVE to take a look!
The Ranma 1/2 Super
'nuff said.
Son of the Apocalypse The fanfic haven't got very
far, but what it have so far makes you want to wish
day and night for more! Some of the characters
have different personalities, like Akane for
example, but the author made her so cool!! And
guess what? She actually got a good hit on
Ranma!! It's just soooo cool!!
Allyn Yonge's Fanfiction Her "Blood Fist", and "Cats Have No Tears" are just
totally awsome! I have to admit, I was pretty
uncertain about reading "Cats Have No Tears" at first,
since it seemed to be such a dark fanfic
(Way darker than my "Night Owl" fanfic) but after I read
it, I just can't wait for more!!
"Blood Fist" is really good, too, but it haven't gone into
it enough to tell us that exactly is happening.
But I hope she'll have the next part out, soon,
'cause I can't wait to see what happened
to Akane!
Transpacific Fanfictions Prefer epic adventures and supernatural stories
rather than fluff? If you do, then click on this
link, NOW. Transpacific Fanfictions features
several different authors who wrote wonderful
stories, like "I'll Met By Starlight" a dark
'what if' story, and "Water Under Earth" an
epic/supernatural adventure fanfic. There's
also "Last One Standing", "Waterfall" and many
others that I haven't gotten to. Check this page out.
Who knows *wink* this just might be your cup
of tea. ^_^
Ashfae's Ranma 1/2 Page This page contains awesome romantic fanfics, mostly
about Ranma and Akane. If you're a Ranma/Akane
fan, like me, then this is a must go page.
Be sure to read "Validation"!
Chima Baifeng Shengshan Chun A totally awesome epic that I'm currently
reading. I've only read the first chapter,
and so far it's great! Another 'what if' story,
but one that was done with a different twist. ~.^
You'll see what I mean when you read it.
Mermaid's Curse Trilogy Three wonderful stories, about Ranma and his 'curse'.
And it's not the Jusenkyo curse I'm talking about,
either. It's a Mermaid's Scar/Forest/
etc.etc. and Ranma 1/2 crossover. Very, very good.
Read it! ^_^
Ranma 1/2 Z &
Ranma 1/2 Z Neo
A really, REALLY, good Ranma 1/2 and Dragon Ball Z
crossover. Although not as good as Heart of Ice, it
comes damn close! (At least in my opinion, anyway)
Great plot, and wonderful scenes, a great read!
Ranma 1/2: Elseworlds Yep, you guessed it! It's the famous Elseworlds
series! Yeah, I know, I know, I should've added this
link here a LONG time ago, but I was hesitant in reading
it, 'cause some of the stories might not have
Ranma and Akane coming together. *makes a face*
Maybe I should stop doing that. ^_^
Lady Lioness' Fanfictions Lady Lioness' fanfics are just plain awesome. "Belong
To Me" is a MUST read, almost as good as Heart of Ice,
except not as long. It's wonderful. Read
it. I'm not just asking you, I'm COMMANDING you
to read it, especially if you're an Akane/Ranma
Equal Romance A series of wonderful stories about each of the
characters find love. *sighs* I love it especially
(even thought it's pretty lemony) since I LOVE it
when everyone's happy. Hopeless romantic,
aren't I? ^_^
WARNING!! Some of these stories contains Adult
Ranma 1/2: Chouko's Tale I personally never read Chouko's Tale, but some of
the other fanfics by this author got me really
hooked! Make sure to check out "A Love Story",
"Once More, From The Top", and "Deification"!!
Ranma's Apartment Ranma's Apartment itself is a great story, but I
have to admit, I'm more impressed by some of the other
stories than Ranma's Apartment. Make sure to
check it out, ne? ^_^
WARNING!! Some of these stories contains Adult
Joseph Palmer's Fan Fictions
New address needed!
Email me if you have!
Joseph Palmer's fanfics are some of the best Ranma
1/2 fics on the net! His "Colors" and "Seasons" series
won MANY awards. Read 'em!
Dave Eddy's Fanfictions WAII!!!! It's safe to say that I REALLY like his
fanfics. My favorite is "The Togetherness Factor", but
he also wrote the great "Nekophobia", and "Second
Time Around". I was sorta disappointed with
"Nekophobia"'s ending, but it's still really good.
If you're a reading nut, then you just CAN'T
miss it.
Tiger Claw Definitely one of the greatest Ranma 1/2 fanfics,
"Tiger Claw" shows us the even darker side of the
powerful technique called Neko-ken, or Cat Fist. A truly
wonderful read, and if you haven't read this already,
I suggest you go there and read it. NOW.
Emily's Ranma Fanfics Emily-san is the author of the wonderful story called
"Wasurerarenai", which I REALLY like. Definitely
a must read.
Nightelf's Elysium My favorite fanfic from this page is "Clothe Make The...".
I can't really describe what it's about, but it's
really good, and it's an Akane and Ranma getting
together fanfic, (my favorite type! ^_^). Check it
out, ne?
Phil's Ranma 1/2 Change Phil wrote "Foreign Influence" and "Akane-chan Change".
I haven't read "Foreign Influence" yet, but I heard
that it's really good. "Akane-chan Change"
is a crossover/fusion with a not very well known manga
series called "Futaba-kun Change".
Fire's Fanfics Fire wrote quite a bit of good fanfics. My favorite is
"Sailor Ranko", a Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2 crossover.
There's also "Destiny's Child" which I heard
is very good, but unfortunately, I haven't gotten around
reading it.
X-ile's Ranma FanFiction X-ile's fanfics are REALLY good, and I have the urge to
call him the Master of Alternative Universe. My favorite
of his fanfics are "Sight Beyond Sight",
"The First Knight", and "Rhythm of Life". "The First
Knight" is a SM/Ranma crossover, and the other two are
Alternative Universe.
Sound of Silence Sound of Silence is a really good fanfic about what if
Ranma was mute? How will this effect his relationship
with Akane?
Kyuuketsuki Satsujinsha no
Akane the Vampire Slayer
New address needed!
This is a Buffy/Ranma crossover (which you probably
can tell by the name). So far it has four chapters out. It's
really good and I like it so far. If you
like both Buffy and Ranma 1/2, then don't miss
Careful Destiny One of the best fanfic I've ever read that uses the plot
of Ranma-gets-a-wish. Ranma got his hands on a broach
that could grant him two wishes. Of course,
he wishes for that he never got his curse, but now
he must learn to live in a world where he have a Martial
Artist sister who hates him, and where
Akane was engaged to Kuno instead.
Tom Wrensch's
Ranma 1/2 Fanfics
Tom Wrensch is one of my favorite authors. He wrote
a great story called "Thoughts of the Mongoose" where
Akane learns a technique that could make her one
of the most powerful Martial Artist in Nerima.
He also wrote "Proper Punishment" which I like even
better than "Thoughts of the Mongoose". Make sure
to check 'em out!
Nightshadow One of my favorite Ranma 1/2 fanfics. I couldn't get
a hold of the author, and beside the FFML Archive
(I think, or maybe it's that other large archive),
there are no other place that hosted this fanfic.
Which is the reason I have it on my account in
zip file. Read it!
Stiffanie's Ranma Fanfiction She had done three fanfics so far, and I had to say
that I'm hooked on her stuff. "Resolution" was
about Ranma actually thinking about his feelings
for Akane. "Waiting For You" is really great,
too, although I still haven't found time to finish
The Romance of
Ranma and Akane
Bing's "Do You Remember...?" is certainly one of the
more memorable Ranma/Akane fanfics I have ever read.
It had been seventeen years since the day Ranma
made the fateful choice between staying with Akane,
or leaving her. For seventeen years, what he
had decided haunted him, but now he was given another
chance. What will he do? And more importantly,
will Akane accept him back into her
Andrew Huang's Fanfics Mr. Huang hadn't done much fanfics (only two or three,
I think. Correct me if I'm wrong here) but his
site hosted several REALLY good stories. Included
is a separate page that have romantic moments
between Ranma and Akane in fanfics by several
different authors. Definitely worth a visit.
Lin Lee's Fanfic Page Lin Lee's "The Akane Chronicles" is a must read for
ANY Akane fan. So far, there are three parts, but
go bug her so she could write the next one! ^_^
Lord Archive's Page Lord Archive's fanfics, while not my favorite, are
DEFINITELY worth mentioning. I wonder why I hadn't
added his link until today! Check out his
"Nekoken is Out of The Bag", "Second Chance", and
"The Insanity Continues"; each of them won more
than just one awards! And if you like The Slayers,
then definitely check out his "The Slayers: Reward".
You REALLY don't want to miss them.

WARNING!! Some of his stories contain Lemon!

Starlight's Fanfics Starlight is still very new in the fanfiction
business, but her "An Alliance of Power" is really
good. It might be a bit too straight forward (like
mine sometimes. :P) and the characters sometimes
act a bit OOC (out of character), but that's
okay. "Crossfire" is good, too, but it's not as
good as "An Alliance of Power".
Returning Home Ranma and Akane had disappeared for three months
when they suddenly appeared at the Tendo front steps.
It seems everything's back to normal...or is it?
Not much of a plot that I can see, but still
one of the better fanfics I've read. Check it
out! ^_^
The Lambda Shrine:
The White Scrolls
Lord Overon is a wonderful author who weaves some
of the best tales I had ever had the honor to read.
"Shadows of the Land" is a pure pleasure.
"Heart of Ranma Trilogy" is full of twist
and turns, and when you're done, you'll be wishing
for more with tears still falling down your cheeks.
And my personal favorite, "Ran-ma-ge: Eye of the
Storm", is a story you definitely do NOT want
to miss.
A Little Anime Fanfiction Not my favorite, yes, but some of the stories
here like "Surreal Genius" and "Time of Changes" are
really worth mentioning.
Disruptor's Fanfics This page contains two of my favorite fanfics:
"Ranma-chan: Genie of the Ring" and a Pokemon fanfic
called "PokeGenie". Both have the plot of one
main character from the show somehow turning into
a Genie. Ever since I first read those two, I've
been hoping for more. I'm sure that tells you
just how much I love 'em! ^_^
Hosted Fanfictions There's no official name to this place, and I don't
know who is the web master/mistress is. Nearly
all of them are Ranma X-overs but I only like
a couple of them here. One is "Stallion" and the
other is "Web of Chaos". If you like those fanfics
were the main characters from different Anime
meet, then those two are definintely what you
want to read.
Fanfics by Carrot Glace There's a lot of fics in this place, and most of
them are REALLY long. I haven't had the chance to
read all of them, but I did read "A Saiyan's Tail"
(no, it was meant to be "tail" not "tale") and it's
pretty good. It's a DBZ and Ranma fusion. Sort
of. What if Nodoka didn't marry Genma, but Goku?
What if Chi Chi was married to Soun instead?
I heard "The Teacher" was pretty good, too. But if
you don't like dark, don't read "Permanent"!!
Mitch's Place There are some image shrines here, and a couple of
fics, but the most noticeble would be "Living Life
Anew". I really like it, and I'm hoping the author
would get the next chapter out soon!
Dreams of Darkness
This one is hosted on my page as well, since I
can't find the author's website OR her email address.
I had to mention it though as it is REALLY
good. I hope she won't kill me for posting it on
here withou her permission...*sweatdrop* This
one recieves my personal recommendation! Beware
though, it's LOOONNNGGG. O.O
Demon Saya's
OTHER Fanfiction Page
Not my favorite but there's some pretty good
Ranma/Akane fanfics here. The only thing I don't
like about her works is that Akane seemed to cry
at LEAST once in ALL of her fanfics, but if you
like super mushy ones, then by all right, go
ahead! ^_^
Sakichan's Fanfics There's not much fanfics here, only three, but all
three of them are really good. I recommend all of
them. ^_^
Manachan's Fanfics
New address needed!
Lots of really cool fanfics here. Her Songfics are
really sweet and nice, and some of her longer fics,
like "Breaking the Cycle" and "Glimpses" really
makes you think. I like her stuff a lot! ^_^
Akane-chan's Fanfics Once again, a LOT of fanfics here. There's not only
the webmistress's own fanfics, but there's also
quite a bit of hosted fics here as well. Check
out the works by Akane-chan and Pia, both are
great authors but not as well known.
Planet X Tales His "Uncute At All Cost", "Milkshakes in
Nerima", "Squatter's Rights", and "Compliments of the
Dark" are some of the best fanfics I've ever read!
Busy Girl Sanctuary A very cool page with simple yet pretty layout. It
contains both Ranma 1/2 and Cardcaptor Sakura stuff
so if you like both series, then this is the
place for you. I haven't read all the fanfics
in the Ranma 1/2 sections yet but they look
promising! ^_^
Deranged Otaku's Fanfiction Lots of awesome fanfics. My favorite is "A Stained
Glass Mind". It's an awesome fanfic, and one that
you absolutely should not miss!
Cha Cha Cha The home of Akane no Ranma and Omoide ga Ippai,
both I heard are very good. I personally never read either
of those two, but I'm adding the link here anyway
since it's a pro-Rankane page. ^_~
Ranma & Akane:
Always and Forever
Some pretty nice fanfics on here, pretty much all
pro-Rankane. ^_^ I didn't have time to read all of
them, unfortunately. Most of them have a dark undertone,
serious rather than humor, so if this is your
cup of tea, be sure to take a look!

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