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06/18/02 : Animeaddiction Page updated
06/04/02 : Dreiser page removed at Dreiser's request.

(Go visit her page at Dreiser.Net.  She's still one of my Most Recommended Authors)
Removed the Bet fics from the server, and added the Bet archive file.
Posted "not maintained" notes on all discontinued pages.
Reworked Review files into .txt formats.
Some basic maintenance on a few otherpages.

Feature Pages
Where some of the best Ranma 1/2 fanfics shine.

Specialty Pages
(pages in bold are being maintained, the others are not)

Epic Avenue | Matchup Mile | Wishlist | The R1/2SH FAQ
Red's Reviews | Ranma Fanfic Pet Peeves

(no longer maintained)

Altaverse Drive | Continuation Road | Divergence Alley | Fusion Lane | Oneshot Way

Recent Additions

Old Pages
(no longer maintained)

Altaverse Drive -- A - M / N - Z -- The even more in-depth "what if?" fics.
One-Shot Way -- Standalone stories and shorts.
A - C / D - F / G - J / K - M / N - P / Q - S / T - V / W - Z
Divergence Alley -- Highlighting the "what if?" fic.
A - C / D - F / G - J / K - M / N - P / Q - S / T - V / W - Z
Continuation Road -- From the end to a new beginning.
A - C / D - F / G - J / K - M / N - P / Q - S / T - V / W - Z
Fusion Lane -- Take Ranma 1/2 and splice it with another series...

Specialty Pages 
 The Wishlist -- Plots and ideas I'd love to see in fanfics.

Red's Reviews -- Come and see me shoot my big mouth off!
 Epic Avenue -- A showcase for those truly looooooong fanfics we love.
Dead End -- Those fanfics that are (unfortunately) no longer being continued.
Matchup Mile -- See where your favorite Ranma charcter has the edge over the others.
The Lost Files -- The home of the links whose files have moved from their previous locations.
Recent Additions -- The "pre-sorting" fanfic bin. This is the newest stuff I've added to the Superhighway.

If you see any problems with these pages, let me know ASAP!
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