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Last update: 01-07-2001 (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! ^_^)



Oh, God. It's been a very long time, hasn't it? I had no idea it'd be so hard to find the time to update when I started this thing. *sigh* Anyway, there are new chapters to all the stories. *happy* Isn't that great?! I had to work so hard to be able to do that. There should have been links and fanart, too, but I'm at a friend's house right now. It's one A.M. And HER phone jack (or whatever) won't let MY computer online. (NO, I didn't lug my PC all the way over to her house. I have a laptop.) So I'm gonna put those up later as a minor update, which I'll tell you about in a 'By-the-way' near the bottom of the page. (Excuse spelling. IT'S LATE OVER HERE.) Oh, and, I started this thing...if you ever get tired of checking and checking on this page, e-mail me and ask me to drop you a line when I update. I have two or three people I'm doing this for right now. (Oh, wow. By the way you guys, I won't be able to e-mail you until tomorrow morning, when I go home and have a phone line. Or until I hijack Hawk's phone line...hmm...^_~) Anyway. Have fun, party people! Bye bye!




-Angel Baby


PS: Ok. I'd like to say THANK YOU to al you people for the 6000+ hits!! Scarlet made me a banner to post, but I can't post it, because it's at my house and I'm not THERE! Anyway, I have a question. With all you people out there, do you mean to say that there are NO AUTHORS visiting my page? I find that hard to believe. And what about the artists? Scarlet's all be herself, the poor thing! I'm not gonna bite you, can't you send me something to post? This page is so sad and pitiful and small!! If you don't want to hand over your work, but you have a WEBPAGE, I'd LOVE to have that!! (Have you seen my linkpage? It's so small it gets easily overlooked. The poor little thingy is getting an inferiority complex!! SEND ME SOMETHING!!!) Thank you! ^_~ Have fun!

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