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Trowa's Truck

<Trowa> ::uncovers a bunch of stories:: This is where you can find all of Cathrine's fanfics.

<Cathrine> So far I've only written the two you see here. Work on the Love in the Circus 3 is underway and as soon as it is finished, it'll be put in the truck with the other stories.

<Megan> Don't forget that I was recently in the truck with Trowa...and um anyway...I left my stories in here so you could read them.

Note: Cathrine's stories have been rated R for an occasional curse and inferences to sexually related things that couples do. Megan's stories have been rated NC-17 for cursing and more detailed sexually related material.

By: Cathrine Bloom

Love in the Circus: The Prequel

Love in the Circus

Love in the Circus 2

By: Megan the Tiger Tamer

A Small Cost

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