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In case you ignored the warning on the previous page, this is rated NC-17, so if you can't handle it, go somewhere else.

A Small Cost

By: Megan the Tiger Tamer

“Megan are licking my....lollipop?” askes Trowa

“Why? You don’t like it?” Megan asks.

“I do, when you don’t bite.”

“I’m sorry! It was an accident.”

“I know. It was partly my fault. Well anyway, it’s my turn to please you.”

“Hmm...sounds good. Do you know what to do?”

“I have an idea.” He starts unzipping her pants, pulls them down and lowers his face.

“Um...Trowa what are you doing?” Megan has only done things to Trowa. She never let him do anything to her, even though he really wanted to.

“You’ll see.” He places his tongue in her navel then slowly works his way down. He licks around a couple of times then slips his tongue inside of her. Megan moans.

“Uh...Megan are you all right” a voice from outside says.

“I’m fine! Uncle Duo?” She yells back. Duo is the same age as Megan , 15, even though he is her uncle. Duo has a older brother that is married to Megan's older sister.

“Very fine” Trowa mumbles under his breath. “Do you like it?” he whispers in her ear.

“Yes” she answers.

“Don’t you want to lay down?” Trowa asks.

“Sure, but I don’t think I can walk” she says with a cute face. Trowa scoops her up and places her on the bed. “Duo you can leave now!” Megan yells.

“How did you know I was still here?” he asks.

“Leave now!” she answers.

“All right I’ll leave, but I could always go and get...”.

“GO AWAY” Trowa interrupts.

He gulps, "...OK” Duo says in a scared voice.

When he is gone Trowa starts his “pleasing”. Which includes: his licking of Megan all over, fingering her gently and topping it all off with a sixty nine.

“I love you Trowa”

“Love you too” is his reply. Then all of a sudden they here something fall outside and a scream. They look at the window. “Shit! I forgot to close the shade!” Trowa says. They go to look out the window and they see Duo laying underneath a ladder. He lies motionless on the ground except for an occasional twitch.

“Uncle Duo, You PERVERT!” Megan yells at him Trowa throws a shoe at Duo and it bounces off his head. “Oh my God” Megan points to a small camera that is on her dresser across from her bed.

“What?” Trowa asks He looks at what she is pointing at. “Great you even taped it!?” Trowa yells at Duo.

“No I didn’t” is his answer.

“Then who?” Megan asks

A few days later...“Hey Trowa! Look what I have” Heero yells. He is holding up a video tape.

“Can’t be!” says Trowa.

“Sure is!” says Duo “What an interesting time that was when we replayed the video.”

“Hand it over” says Megan

“There’s a cost of course” Heero replied.

"100 bucks and we ain’t budging,” chirps in Duo.

“I don’t think I have ever had that much money in my entire life” Megan thinks.

“Well, what are you gonna do to make me want that tape back? I mean you guys have already watched it.” Trowa says.

“Yeah” Megan says with a little uncertainty.

“Gee I don’t think Megan’s Mom will mind seeing it now do you?” Heero says.

“No I don’t think so” says Duo.

Trowa looks over at Megan and sees that she is almost in tears. “Fine! I have the money” Trowa says. Duo goes with Trowa to get the money from his truck. Heero gives Megan the tape.

“I’m going to burn this” Megan says.

“Your not going to watch it?” Heero asks.

“NO!” Megan says while blushing

Back at Trowa’s truck...“Trowa where did you get all that money?” asks Duo.

“I was saving it up.”

“For what?”

“Oh, nothing” he looks sadly at the money Now Duo is really curious.

“Really Trowa, you can tell me”. Trowa shakes his head and shoves the money at Duo. “I’m not gonna take it till you tell me, and I wont stop bugging ya either.” says Duo.

“I was saving it for an engagement ring. I’m gonna ask her to marry me.”

“HOLY SHIT!! I had no idea that.....I mean ain’t she a little young for ya.......I mean....WOH! I CAN’T TAKE THIS!” He shoves the money back at Trowa.

“Isn’t Heero gonna be mad?” Trowa is a little embarrassed.

“Don’t worry I have a 50 I can give Heero and I’ll tell him that I have the other.” says Duo

“Thank you.” says Trowa.

“Any time. Hey Trowa when are you gonna ask her?”

“Well I’m getting the ring today, that is why I had the money in the car. So most likely tomorrow.”

“Wow you don’t waste time do you?”



“Do you... do you think she will say yes?”

“Do I think she will say yes? THAT GIRL IS CRAZY ABOUT YOU!!”

“So you think I’m doing the right thing?”

“Yes, I think you are. Well I have to go now.” Duo starts walking away.

“Hey Duo, You say anything to any one about this and I will kill you!”

“Don’t worry, I wont.”


“I promise!”

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