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Once again, thanks to those of you who gave me a few ideas which were used as a foundation for this story. Love in the Circus 2 is slightly longer than the first story, so sit back and relax. Grab some popcorn and a drink while you're at it.

Love in the Circus 2

By: Cathrine Bloom

With a Diary Excerpt Written by: Sarah

"Are we really going to the circus Mr. Piccolo?," asked Gohan with large sparkling eyes. Piccolo gritted his teeth and responded, "Yes Gohan." Piccolo couldn’t believe Goku had talked him into this. He was only doing this because he knew that when Chichi was in a good mood, if Goku didn’t use this to his advantage they might never have another child. This was the only reason why Gohan had been allowed to go out for the nighttime performance at the circus. After an hour of flying they finally reached the large tents and landed a few yards away from the circus.

There they met up with Krillin and his wife Rachel. Krillin was lucky, despite the fact that he was short and bald, he hadn’t had too much of a problem finding a girlfriend whom he married a couple months later. Piccolo on the other hand had the problem that most females thought of him as an odd and creepy creature because of his green skin and appearance. This made Piccolo a tad jealous of Krillin…ok maybe more than a tad, a lot, but since he wasn’t the type to show his feelings, no one would ever know.

Meanwhile, all the girls were in their tents changing for the evening’s big performance. It was especially important to some of them since the Gundam pilots would be coming to watch the show, and in Trowa’s case, also perform. The only two who weren’t eager to see the boys were Kat and Sarah. Kat had decided she didn’t want to fight over Duo and reluctantly told Shannon a while ago that he was all hers. Sarah had no intentions of having a reoccurrence with Wufei and had thus decided to find a guy elsewhere.

Cathrine rummaged through her costumes looking for her green outfit. It was cut the same as her normal pink and red costume except it was in beautiful shades of green. She found it near the middle of the clothes rack fit tightly between the other clothes. After removing it from its hanger she brushed it off. Walking over to the vanity mirror she held it up to herself. It was her favorite costume and she only wore it on special occasions. Since Quatre was coming today she considered this a special occasion. She took off her jeans and put her panty hose on. She reached for the tight light green long sleeved shirt that went on under the main part of her costume. Inches away from reaching the shirt she was startled feeling the presence of two strong hands. One was placed firmly on her waist and the other pulled her outstretched arm in back towards her body. She knew who it was without looking and turned her head towards Quatre’s giving him a solid kiss on the lips.

Trowa, whom had long outgrown changing in his sister’s tent, was instead changing in none other than Megan’s tent. To be quite honest though, the two were having a little difficulty completely changing. They had the undressing part down but were having problems putting their costumes on since they kept getting distracted. Megan was on the ground with Trowa holding himself on top of her kissing her again and again. "Stop it," she giggled, "we’ve only got a half an hour until show time." "Come on," said Trowa, "we’ve got plenty of time." He continued kissing her while fondling her breasts but after another minute of this Megan pushed him away and stood up. "I’m serious Trowa," said Megan, "I’ve still got to put my costume on and do makeup. Trust me, that will take half and hour." He stood up and walked over to the costume rack with a sad look on his face. "Aww don’t be so blue hun," she said and playfully smacked him lightly on the rear, "there will be plenty of time for that after the show." His face changed to a grin, "Gotta love the night life," he mumbled to himself.

Since all the other guys were sneaking into the girls changing tents, Wufei decided to try his luck at sneaking into Sarah’s tent. He sneaked in and hid behind her costume rack. When she walked over to get her costume, Wufei ran around to the other side and getting behind Sarah, place his hands on her hips. Her immediate reaction was to punch him with the back of her fist. She didn’t even look to see who the pervert was when she punched him since no matter who he was he deserved to be hit. Turning around she noticed it was Wufei and quickly grabbed a pair of pointy healed shoes, which belonged to Megan, and began hitting him over and over on the top of his head and his face. After his faced started turning red she grabbed him by the ponytail and dragged him over to the entrance of her tent. Turning his face towards the door she released her grasp on his ponytail and kicked him in the ass out of the tent. She wiped her hands together, put her head up in the air and walked back inside the tent to finish changing.

Kat was in her tent "debating" with herself whether or not to put any makeup on. In actuality she had already decided not to but she had nothing better to do so she pretended to be deciding. In the other half of the tent she could here Shannon giggling with Duo while she made him help decide what she should wear. Listening to them just made Kat feel lonely so she blocked them out. A little light suddenly appeared next to her and she spun around to see Megan carefully poking her head in. "Is it safe to come in?," she asked and Shannon and Duo stopped moving and quieted down. "Yeah," said Duo and Megan entered the tent walking over to Kat. "Heya," she said while unzipping the bag of makeup that she’d given Kat, "I’ve come to do your makeup since we both know if I don’t, you won’t." Kat chuckled knowing that Megan was correct. As Megan sat there doing Kat’s makeup Kat felt something wasn’t right. All the Gundam pilots were here but she didn’t see Trowa with Megan right now. "Hey Meg," she said, "uh, where’s…" "Trowa?" Megan interrupted, "over there," she said pointing to the tent opening. Kat looked over there to see Trowa in his clown costume. He smiled weakly then Megan jerked Kat’s head back towards her face. "Hold still," she said, "I’m not finished with your makeup yet."

Heero stood outside Kim’s tent waiting for her to come out. Unlike the others he didn’t believe in causing trouble before a mission. So the circus wasn’t exactly a mission in the same sense as his missions, but it was the closest thing that someone like Kim would ever have. Kim finished changing and noticed Heero waiting outside near the entrance of her tent. "What a gentleman he’s being!," she thought. His hands were in his pockets and he stood staring forward, deep in thought. She reached her arm out through the door to the tent, grabbed the closest one of Heero’s arms that she could reach and jerked him inside the tent with her. Once he was inside she smiled at him and went to take off his shirt but he stopped her and pointed to the clock hanging off her vanity mirror. "Darn!," she said noticing that she had only five minutes until show time. As she walked out of the tent, Heero whispered in her ear a single word, "Later," and a smile reappeared on her face.

Meanwhile, Wufei was walking around with a teakettle and a cloth. He was continually wetting the cloth with the near boiling water from the teakettle. He then blotted the warm wet cloth on his wounds to make them feel better. While walking towards the main tent Wufei was suddenly tripped by a black pig wearing a yellow and black bandana around its neck (P-chan). As he fell he dropped the teakettle and the cloth landed on top of his head. The teakettle landed on the ground then tipped over spilling the steamy hot water onto the pig. Wufei threw the towel off of his head, this was definitely not his day. Looking around to see if the pig was all right he instead saw a nude boy wearing nothing more than the same bandana the pig had on except the boy wore it as a headband (Ryoga). Before Wufei could utter a word, the boy punched him in the face and he blacked out.

Cathrine finished sharpening her knives and placed all but one in their hilts on her costume. Holding the other one in her hand she walked over to her brother. She held the knife in the palm of her hand holding it in front of Trowa. Before he had a chance to look at the knife, Megan snatched it out of Cathrine’s palm. She touched the tip of the knife to the tip of her finger to determine how sharp it was. "Owch!," she exclaimed and immediately stuck her finger in her mouth to suck off the droplet of blood. Removing her finger she said, "I swear, if you hurt Trowa…" Before she could finish her sentence Trowa placed his hand over her mouth and while prying Megan’s grip off the knife he said, "Shh, she won’t," in a blunt voice. He then handed the knife back to Cathrine who placed it in its hilt next to the other knives. Megan walked silently over to her cage of tigers and tossed them all a pre-show treat that they quickly gobbled up.

The elephants trumpeted signaling the beginning of the show. Kat peered out through the curtain and quickly spotted Duo, Heero and Quatre. There was an empty seat next to them. "Where’s Wufei?," she wondered. A few rows over she spotted her friend Rachel. She was sitting next to Piccolo, Gohan and her husband Krillin. Kat had never noticed before but Piccolo wasn’t too bad looking. She laughed noticing the expression on his face that told her that he really didn’t want to be there. If she were given the chance she could make him want to be here…like that would ever happen. Perhaps after the show she would be able to have a word or two with Piccolo. A little careless flirting never hurt anyone.

Ryoga dragged Wufei’s body into the nearest tent he could find. Since all the clothes in this tent were female circus costumes, he had only one choice. Before Wufei had a chance to regain consciousness, Ryoga stole his clothes in the name of decency. He threw a large silk cloth over the now cloth-less Wufei and walked out. Little did Ryoga know the horrible thing he had done. He had just put Wufei, nude, in enemy territory, Sarah’s tent. Ryoga’s bad sense of direction did not accidentally turn him towards the main circus tent, but instead to somewhere miles away from the circus. Wufei’s clothes would never be seen again.

Trowa and Cathrine walked out onto stage. Megan stood behind the curtain almost having a nervous break down as Cathrine took out her knives and showed them to the audience. This was the first time since she joined the circus that Trowa would be performing with them. Trowa stood against the wooden stand with a blank expression on his face. Cathrine wound up and tossed the first knife at Trowa. Megan freaked out as she watched it fly through the air and barely miss Trowa’s torso. Megan couldn’t take it any longer and walked away from the curtain and over to her tigers whom she talked to until Cathrine and Trowa’s performance was over.

Once the show was over Kat hurried over to catch a word with Rachel. "Hey you weren’t about to leave without talking to me first now where you?" "Actually," said Rachel, " we were just going to drop Gohan off at his grandfather’s house first then return for the rest of the fun." Gohan rubbed his eyes showing just how tired he was. "Oh alright. Why don’t you two go bring him there and I’ll show Piccolo around the circus.," Kat said with a smile. What a perfect opportunity this would be! Rachel nodded in agreement and Krillin picked up the tired Gohan. The two walked over to Krillin’s car and drove off leaving Kat and Piccolo alone at the circus.

Heero quickly caught up with Kim as soon as the show was over. "Well, it’s later.," said Kim with a devious smile, "Let’s go." She walked a few feet in the direction of her mobile home, then turned around and beckoned Heero with a single finger. He obediently went along for he would go wherever she led him. He caught up with her as she was unlocking the door and he put his arms around her as she flung it open. Kim turned around to face him and grabbing both of his hands dragged him inside her mobile home slamming the door behind her with her foot. Kim grabbed at Heero’s dark green tank top and pulled it off him. He reached around her and started unhooking and unsnapping everything he could. Noticing she was wearing a strapless bra, once he unhooked it he gently and slowly pulled it off of her without removing the rest of her clothes. Kim reached down and untied Heero’s shoes. After she pulling his off she kicked her own off. She sat down and bounced on her spring mattress. She patted one hand on the bed motioning Heero to join her. He put his arms around her and rolled her onto the bed pulling his body along. He rolled her over so that he ended up on top of her. He removed the last bits of costumes from Kim until she was only in a bodysuit. In return she removed his socks leaving him just in shorts.

Cathrine crossed her legs sitting on top of one of the accessory chests. Megan was fixing the tigers dinner and Trowa was waiting for her with Cathrine. Quatre ran in the back of the tent panting and walked over to Cathrine still catching his breath. "Aww, you didn’t have to run," said Cathrine, "you could have taken your time, we’re still waiting for Megan to finish with her tigers." "Actually…I…," Quatre took a few more breaths, "I just needed to….to tell you that we have to get going….or Shannon and Duo will leave without us." "Can’t they wait just five minutes?," asked Cathrine. Shannon’s mom’s house was only a ten-minute ride from the circus. Shannon was always in a rush to see her relatives whenever she was in town. "It’s alright," Megan called from the tiger cage, "you three go on ahead and stall for me, I’ll only be a few more minutes." Cathrine grabbed Quatre’s hand in her left hand and Trowa’s hand in her right hand. "Well you heard the lady," she said while swinging her arms back and forth, "Let’s go stall!"

Wufei regained consciousness and noticed the silk cloth over him. Suddenly he realized what was under the silk cloth. Nothing. He freaked out and clutched tightly to the silk cloth. Suddenly his bearing returned to him and he noticed where he was. "Hmm…a changing tent…," he thought, "more specifically a girls changing tent." He swallowed hard realizing exactly which girls changing tent it was. "Sarah’s!!," his mind screamed. Suddenly he noticed something of extreme interest to him, Sarah’s diary. Since he wasn’t going anywhere soon he snatched it up, picked the lock, and began flicking through the pages. Noticing his name in one entry he began reading. She had apparently written an entry right before the night’s performance.

  • OH MY GOD!!! I can’t believe the week I’ve been having. I finally got a chance to meet Cathrine and Megan’s friends. Kat and Shannon were falling all over themselves to meet duo, and Kim had set her eyes on Heero. Megan had Trowa, and Cathrine had Quatre (its soooooo obvious when they’re together!!!! I cant believe she hasn’t come out and said anything yet), so that left me and Wufei. Not being able to stand all the gushy romance (though it was kinda sweet...) and relentless flirting (courtesy my buddy Kim), Wufei and I decided to go for a ride in Trowa’s truck. I was starving, so we went for some pizzas for us and everyone else back at the circus. And the creep made a pass at me!!!!! I was like "" and made him move back to his seat. Who does he think I am?? Like I’m gonna accept a pass after knowing someone for 20 min.?? I SO DO NOT THINK SO!!!!! Anyhoo, we got the pizzas and went back to the circus. And once again, the jerk made a pass at me. I’ll never know what came over me, but I gave in to his pass. DAYUM! That boy is one very good kisser. His arms circled my waist, and I shrunk back down to lean against the driver’s side door. I loved kissing him, and I think he enjoyed it very much evidence of… ::ahem:: …anyway, it was really, really good. But then I looked up and saw that creepy jackass duo making retarded faces at us in the passenger’s side window. Well I just about died of embarrassment. Then he came over to the driver’s side and opened the door, causing me to fall out. I was screaming my fool head off at the top of my lungs. I still cant figure out what I was more upset about myself for giving in to Wufei, duo for humiliating the hell outta me in front of the others, or those amazing kisses and those great feelings for ending WAY too soon. Anyhow, Wufei snuck into my tent again a few minutes ago and like the total retard that I am I beat the crap outta him and kicked him out. I’ll tell you one thing though, I sure as hell wouldn’t mind getting another one of those kisses from him. Well, gotta go. ShowTime. I’ll write more again after the performance.
  • Before Wufei could finish reading the part about the kisses, he suddenly freaked out hearing a noise just outside the tent. Looking at the shadow that the person wearing a costume made against the tent Wufei could tell it was Sarah. He freaked out and dropped the diary, which landed on his foot causing extreme pain. He grabbed his foot, which caused him to fall over due to lack of balance. As he fell his head hit the corner of Sarah’s trunk knocking him unconscious.

    "So," said Kat, "ever been to the circus before?" Piccolo didn’t respond and instead stared away from the circus. "Loosen up Piccolo," she said, then paused for a minute until a smile came across her face, "it could be worse." Piccolo continued staring in the opposite direction. "Really. I mean it," she said while changing her voice to a more seductive tone. "You could be here, all by yourself, with no one to keep you company." As she spoke she moved closer and closer to his face. He looked into her eyes with a somewhat shocked expression on his face. He’d seen Rachel kiss Krillin before, was this what Kat was trying to do to him? Without thinking he moved his face closer to Kats giving her a light and brief kiss. If he was ever going to get a girlfriend now was the time to give it a shot. Kat pulled away from the kiss with a smile on her face. She hadn’t planned on this happening. She wasn’t even going to kiss him when she got close to his face. Before she could think of something to say during this awkward moment of silence, Rachel and Krillin rejoined up with them.

    In a pile next to the bed lay a body suit, tank top, shorts and undergarments. Heero and Kim had finally taken the next step in their relationship. They weren’t married but they were practicing the art of consumption. It was the first time for both of them but Heero, being the prepared person he was, had remembered to bring a balloon. "You okay?," asked Heero looking deep into Kim’s beautiful eyes. She breathed heavily a couple of times never turning her gaze away from his. "Yeah," she replied, "I’ll be fine." She brushed the back of her hand against his face. Pulling her head up towards his, she gave him a long and passionate kiss.

    Trowa lifted Megan, by the waist, up and out of the truck placing her gently on the ground in front of Shannon’s house. A deliberate cough was heard and Megan looked up to see who made the noise. "Oh," she said, "what a pleasant surprise to see you Mom." While she was saying this Trowa was trying to place his arm around her waist. As she spoke, she batted blindly with her hand until he got the idea to stop. Shannon, who was standing right next to Megan holding Duo’s hand whispered, "You haven’t told her yet?." Megan smiled weakly and replied with uncertainty in her voice, "Uh…no?." Cathrine mumbled under her voice so only the others could hear, "Trowa and I don’t even have parents to tell." Megan’s mom spoke up, "So, I see you brought your little guy friends along." Shannon quickly spoke before assumptions could be made, "Let me introduce you. This here is my boyfriend Duo," Duo put his arm around Shannon and smiled. Pointing to Trowa she said, "Tall boy over there is Cathrine’s brother Trowa and the blonde is his friend Quatre." Megan’s mom acknowledged the boys with a single nod.

    After dinner, plans for the night were made. It was decided that Shannon and Megan would be staying the night. As soon as this was announced Shannon pulled Duo close and whispered in his ear, "My room, one o’clock tonight. I’ll leave the window open." Megan was supposedly going to be the staying the nigh in Shannon’s room. She quickly pulled Trowa close when her mother wasn’t looking in her direction and told him of her other plans. "Meet me in the pool room," she said as quietly as she could, "I’ll leave the back door open." Cathrine and Quatre were the designated drivers who were ‘supposed’ to bring Trowa and Duo back to the circus. Since that wasn’t happening they had their own plans which would be revealed later.

    Sarah walked in through the opening of the tent and immediately noticed her diary on the ground. "Must have fallen," she mumbled to herself as she picked it up and put it back on her dresser. She noticed that one of her silk clothes was lying on top of a pile of clothing and quickly snatched it up. No sooner had she done so an earsplitting, glass-breaking scream was heard throughout the entire circus. She started yelling at Wufei, but stopped when she realized that he wasn’t responding to her. Meekly she took a few steps towards him and poked him with her foot. It was then that she realized he was unconscious. She was considering causing him extreme pain and humiliation but looking at him, laying there, all bruised up, she couldn’t help but take pity on the poor guy. So, she took a costume off the rack and put it on him. She the proceeded to take his arm and put it around her shoulders so that she could drag him out of the tent and back to her mobile home. Upon getting there she took the female costume off of him and placed him under the covers of her bed. She sat down in a chair next to the bed and made a taking a bowl of warm water and washcloth, carefully applied the cloth to his many bruises. When the water became cold she went up to refill it.

    It was then, while Sarah was at the sink getting more hot water, that Wufei regained consciousness. He started to get really nervous but calmed down when he realized that Sarah wasn’t about to kill him. Returning to the chair, she sat down and noticed Wufei with his eyes open. "I see you’ve woken," she said with a calm tone in her voice. She noticed Wufei’s fingers clutched tightly onto the sheets. "Calm down, I’m not about to hurt you, at least not while you’re in this condition," she said. "Aren’t you mad that, I, uh read your diary?," he asked with a significant indication of fear in his voice. "I figured you were the reason my diary was on the floor," she said and looked away from him for a moment then turned back to face him again, "but we’ll just forget about it this time." "Well in that case," said Wufei, "I was, um, wondering…What was it that you wouldn’t mind getting another one of?." Sarah turned an interesting shade of red, "Um well…" she said. Wufei continued to bug her again and again and for a few minutes she continued to refuse to tell him. Finally she decided that now was the time to muster up all the courage she could and do what it was her heart wanted to do so badly. She quickly turned her head so she was directly facing him. Before he could ask her one more time, she moved her head up to his and gave him a short but passion filled kiss. Neither one of them said anything but just continued to kiss each other passionately.

    Kat turned the key and swung upon the door to the mobile home. "Hey Sarah, we’re back," she said, "You know, I heard the funniest thing, that someone saw you walking this way with Wufei dressed in a female circus costume." She hadn’t actually looked at Sarah yet because she had been hanging up her coat. She placed it on the hanger and turned around. Her jaw nearly hit the floor when she saw Sarah kissing Wufei a numerous amount of times. Piccolo, Rachel and Krillin just sat at the table and pretended to ignore what was going on. Kat walked over to Sarah and lightly tapped her on the shoulder. Sarah swung around lightning fast feeling something on her shoulder. "It’s not what it looks like!," she blurted out as fast as she could. "Right," said Rachel in a very sarcastic tone, "and let me guess, it doesn’t look like Wufei is nude either does it?." "It ain’t my fault that some guy beat me up and stole my clothes," said Wufei in a very defensive tone. Everyone then laughed noticing how childish they were all being. Rachel and Krillin decided to do everyone a favor and go pick up some new clothes for Wufei. While they were at it they were going to pick up some food as well. Fifteen minutes later they returned, and Wufei became decent again. After everyone ate his or her share of cheap circus food, Rachel invited Kat to sleep over and she quickly accepted. Krillin had invited Piccolo to spend the night too and he’d already accepted before hand. Rachel and Krillin had a really nice house and Kat couldn’t wait to see it again. But the main thing she couldn’t wait for was the night where Piccolo would be a room away. Eventually Rachel, Krillin, Kat and Piccolo all left to go to Rachel’s house leaving Sarah alone with Wufei. "Well," said Sarah taking control of the situation, "shall we pick up where we were before being so rudely interrupted?" "Yes Ma’am," Wufei replied with a very happy expression on his face.

    Duo squeezed in through Shannon’s window just as the clock struck one. "Right on time my love," said Shannon as she closed the window behind him. Shannon reached under her bed and pulled out a cardboard box. Opening it she showed the contents to Duo. "Got everything we’ll need for the night," she said indicating the spare sheets and balloon inside the box. "You think of everything," said Duo giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Don’t tease me so, hun," she said tugged on his shirt. Minutes later his shirt, along with his other clothes could be seen draped over the sides cardboard box along with Shannon’s clothes. Shannon’s door was locked, with a chair firmly pressed up against it just in case the lock failed. The shades were drawn, and the only light in her room was emitted from a small reading light. Little did her mother know that Shannon had never once actually used the light to read a book.

    Trowa quietly opened and closed the back door that led into Shannon’s kitchen. Quietly he made his way through the house to billiard room. The room was pitch black and suddenly the eight ball rolled across the floor and past Trowa’s feet. He flicked on the light, which was already on a dim setting and noticed Megan sitting on the pool table. In a box in the corner of the room he noticed Megan and already placed the pool equipment away from the pool table. Trowa walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her neck. He started kissing her sweetly and next thing he knew the two of them were lying down on the pool table. Soon their clothing joined the pile of pool equipment. With Megan’s mother asleep in the next room, the two were having their most risky night ever.

    Rachel pulled into the driveway of her house on the beach. Kat looked out at the beautiful view that she’d seen so many times before. Rachel had inherited the house from her parents when she married Krillin. It had been part of her dowry. Krillin would have married Rachel with or without a dowry though. He had to admit though, having his own house that he could share with his wife had some very good advantages, like total privacy, a thing every couple needs at night. They went inside and Rachel showed Kat where she would be sleeping while Krillin showed Piccolo the room he’d be staying in. Rachel and Krillin then retired to their quarters to do what married couples do so very often.

    Kat doubted that Piccolo would be joining her in her room and didn’t intend on being brave and walking into his room. To her surprise though, a few hours before sunrise, around three o’clock she was awoken with a kiss on her cheek. Opening her eyes she saw Piccolo standing in her room. She sat up in her bed and motioned for him to sit down next to her, which he did. Instead of rushing things and doing something they might regret in the morning, the two instead both put on the next days clothing and went out to watch the sunrise. While waiting for it to rise they spent about an hour talking and getting to know each other better. Just the fact that Piccolo was talking make Kat happy, but it delighted her even more that he was actually talking to her.

    Sarah and Wufei were on Sarah’s bed, under the covers making out with their clothes on. Wufei went to pull Sarah’s shirt off but she pushed his hands away. "Sorry, but I need to see a diamond before we go there," said Sarah. Wufei frowned and Sarah said, "But…if you can get your hormones in check I could be persuaded to a little more than making out like this." Wufei is satisfied with this answer and replies, "I’ll do anything for you." "Is that me or my body you were referring to?," asked Sarah in a joking tone. "Both," said Wufei as he kissed her again. Sarah smiled looking into Wufei’s eyes. She allowed him to touch her now while they were making out. After a while of this they grew tired and fell asleep.

    Quatre pulled into Shannon’s driveway and looked at Cathrine who was still sleeping in the seat next to him. He gently pulled his fingers through her hair to make it look less messy and fixed his own hair up. Their clothing was much more wrinkled than it had been the previous day, and he hoped no one would notice they hadn’t had a chance to change. The two had been planning on going back to Cathrine’s mobile home to spend the night but just couldn’t wait that long. So instead they pulled into an abandoned gas station and had their night of fun there. When Duo and Trowa appeared from behind the bushes he reluctantly woke Cathrine up from her slumber. The two guys hopped in the car acting as if they had been along for the drive to Shannon’s house. A few minutes later Shannon and Megan stepped out from the house, waved goodbye to their parents and got in the truck. As Megan walked towards the truck Cathrine looked at her hair and started cracking up hysterically with laughter. She hopped in the car and looked oddly at Cathrine. "What are you laughing at?," she asked. Cathrine spoke while still giggling, "You have some blue chalk in your hair, and I thought you were joking about the pool table!"

    The group then drove to Rachel and Krillin’s house where they picked up Kat. After saying her good byes she gave Piccolo a brief kiss and got in the truck. "And how was your night?," asked Shannon. "Well," said Kat dreamily, "we got up extra early and spent hours talking while we watched the sunrise." She let out a sigh recalling those many hours of conversation. "Hours of conversation…," said Shannon with a chuckle, "right…" "Really," said Kat, "it was really romantic." The rest of the ride home, continued to try and get Kat to admit it had been more than a night of conversation, but Kat wouldn’t budge on the topic because it hadn’t been more than conversation. "Oh well," she thought, "at least Sarah will believe me." They all stopped for breakfast at a fast food place and then everyone went their separate ways when they got back to the circus. Kat went right to her mobile home convinced that she could get Sarah on her side. "Sarah, I’m home," she said as she unlocked the door and walked inside. Looking at the bed she noticed Sarah was still sleeping, and she wasn’t alone. There was Sarah, snuggled up in Wufei’s arms, the two of them sleeping like babies. They looked so innocent lying there in each other’s arms. She pulled the blanket back up over them so they wouldn’t get cold. While closing the door, she looked at Sarah, smiled and said, "Rest well, Sah-sah." Sarah opened one eye and looked at Kat. She’d been awake ever since Kat opened the door and announced that she was home. Not being able to resist, she greeted Kat before closing her eyes and going back to sleep, "Good morning Corn-child." (Sah-sah and Corn-child are nicknames that Sarah and Kat like to call one another)


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