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Cathrine's Coloring Chest

<Cathrine> ::unlocks the chest and out pop some colored in Doujinshi's:: All of the pictures in here were Doujinshi's that I found on the web and then colored in using Adobe. Hope you like them! Soon a section with Winamp skins I have made will be added to this page.

<Trowa> To make viewing easier, the pictures have been put on thier own page. Each page has the original doujinshi and the colored one right next to it. Don't worry there is a link on each page to return back to here, and at the bottom, each page also has the navigation bar.

Cathrine looking somewhat shocked.

A really pretty picture of Cathrine.

Cathrine with a towel on her head.

Cathrine checking Trowa's mouth.

Marron's Feminine Side (from Bakeretsu Hunters)

Side View of Apricot's Face (from Bakeretsu Hunters)

Sephi's Eyes (from FF7)

*The picture with the eyes has 3 color theme variations.

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