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I finally finished typing all this up. I hope you like it. If you do, be sure to read Love in the Circus and Love in the Circus 2 if you haven't done so already. My next project is Love in the Circus 3 but that won't be out for some time now, since I've got a lot to do with it. The prequel is about half the size of the regular Love in the Circus stories, so it shouldn't take you too long to read.

Love in the Circus: The Prequel

By: Cathrine Bloom

"A tiger tame?," says Cathrine, "Wow, you must be really brave." "Not brave, ditzy," said Megan’s friend Kim. Ignoring her comment Megan turned to face Kim, "So you’ll come visit me a week from today, right?" "Well, gee, I don’t know, in a world of traveling it may be a while until out paths cross again," said Kim while Megan stood there with an expression of shock on her face. "I’m joking," said Kim, "Of course I’ll find time to visit you." They hugged each other goodbye and with that Kim left. "Good luck!," Megan called out to her. Megan and Kim had always stuck together up until Megan had been hired to work at this circus. Kim was now off for some more training. She was learning how to do a most tricky and odd act. If she mastered it, she would have an easy time getting hired for almost any circus. For now though, Megan was on her own, well almost. Cathrine, whom had been in the circus for many years, knew the ropes of circus life and always helped out and got to know the circus newbies.

"So," said Cathrine searching for something she could say to break the silence. "Welcome to circus life!" Megan peered through the flap of the main tent and looked around, "Wow, there are so many mobile homes around here," she said. "Yeah and you’ll be getting one all your own tomorrow," said Cathrine. She paused for a moment, "It’s a two person one, hope you don’t mind." Snapping back to attention Megan said, "Oh, I don’t mind at all. Besides if Kim were to ever get a job here she’d be able to stay with me." Megan though everything over but then realized something wasn’t right, "If my mobile home isn’t coming until tomorrow, then where am I supposed to sleep tonight?" "I almost forgot," said Cathrine, "since Trowa’s away, you can stay with me and sleep in his bed." "Who’s…Trowa?" asked Megan. "Is he your boyfriend or something?" Cathrine placed her head in her ands and just laughed, "My goodness, NO," she said while still laughing, "he’s my brother!" "Oh, my bad," said Megan whom was starting to feel very embarrassed for making such a wrong assumption.

After settling in and sharing a cup of coffee the girls retired to their rooms. Later that night, Trowa returned home from a mission very tired and exhausted. Quatre followed in behind him also rather tired. Quatre walked quietly past Trowa’s room and into Cathrine’s room. He awoke his love with a kiss then crawled into bed with her quickly falling asleep. Trowa walked into his room and hung his coat up in the closet. He tossed his shoes, shirt, socks and pants of, then god into bed wearing only his boxers. Megan, whom was sleeping on the other side of the bed, had gone unnoticed by Trowa since the room was so dark. She would have remained unnoticed had she not rolled over in her sleep whacking Trowa with her arm by accident.

As soon as Megan hit Trowa, both of them immediately flew out of the bed screaming their heads off. Upon hearing them scream Cathrine rushed into the room. Quatre went to follow her but she told him to stay there. "What the hell is this…this…girl doing in my bed?!?!," Trowa yelled at Cathrine. "Well, what are you doing home so early?!," Cathrine demanded. It turned out that Trowa and Quatre’s mission had ended earlier than planned due to the enemies weak defense line, making it an easy victory. Megan stood there doing her best to cover as much of herself up as possible. Not expecting any one to see her she had gone to bed wearing panties and no bra. Although she was wearing a short lingerie dress it was basically see through providing her next to no cover on top. While everybody was still explaining themselves Trowa tossed Megan his black turtleneck so she could temporarily cover herself up. Once everyone was satisfied with each others answers Cathrine returned to her room and explained the situation to Quatre. She also decided that at the time she’d prefer keeping their relationship a secret from Megan.

Back in Trowa’s room, Megan was changing in the closet. She tossed Trowa some of his clothing for him to put on and suggested hitting the town since neither one of them was very tired anymore. Trowa agreed to take her out to a club thinking about how cute the newest addition to the circus was. Trowa knocked on Cathrine’s door waking her and Quatre up. "We’re going to town," he called in to the two of them. "Is that so…," said Cathrine trailing off. "Yeah, Megan’s already waiting for me in the truck." "Have her wait a few more minutes, we’re going too," said Quatre. Cathrine and Quatre put more reasonable clothes on and walked out of the mobile home with Trowa. "Who’s the blonde?," asked Megan as they approached the truck, "your boy…," she cut herself off before she could finish saying it. She didn’t want to anger Cathrine by making another wrong assumption. "This is Quatre," said Cathrine, "my really good friend." "Let’s go to Colony 195," said Quatre referring to one of the towns popular clubs, "Trowa, Cathrine and I are good friends with the back door man, he’ll let us in.," said Quatre.

Sure enough, they were let in and once inside the two couples went their separate ways. "Do you sneak into night clubs often?," Megan asked Trowa. "We’ve only been doing it since Cathrine was 18.," he replied, "we usually go in a bigger group with Heero, Duo and Wufei." "Who are they?," asked Megan curiously. "Gundam pilots like Quatre and myself."

"Wow, just look at Trowa, I haven’t seen him talk this much in a long time.," said Cathrine. "Yeah, Megan and him seem to be getting along rather well.," said Quatre. The music slowed down and the DJ played Rhythm Emotion Pure. "Hey, the music’s calling.," said Cathrine as she lead Quatre onto the dance floor. Cathrine placed her arms around his neck while he wrapped his arms around her waist. They pulled in close to each other, bodies touching.

"They sure are really good friends," said Megan watching Quatre and Cathrine on the dance floor. "Friends, oh yeah, real good friends, said Trowa almost forgetting his promise with Cathrine to keep their relationship a secret. Before he had a chance to say anything he shouldn’t, Megan grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out onto the dance floor. Trowa whom had never slow danced before was a little nervous but Megan quickly guided his hands onto and around her waist. She placed her arms around his neck but did her best not to move in too close so as not to scare him away. As the song continued their bodies slowly moved closer and closer until they were almost touching. When they brushed against one another by accident both lightly blushed.

"Trowa…you did that on purpose now didn’t you?," said Megan in a teasing manner. He began to object, "Why no, I…" but was cut off as Megan, to his complete surprise, kissed him. "No one slipped you a drink tonight, did they?," asked Trowa curiously when Megan pulled away from the kiss. "Why no silly, that was completely me. Don’t worry so much. I know what I’m getting myself into.," she said. "Since you’re not drunk, guess I gotta take your word for it.," said Trowa. "So, what do you say about ditching Cathrine and Quatre so we can go have some fun?," asked Megan.

"Hmm…wonder where they’re going…," said Cathrine watching Megan and Trowa leave hand in hand. "I dunno," said Quatre. He paused for a moment thinking then looked at Cathrine again, "Wanna follow them?." A devious smile crept across Cathrine’s face, "Sure," she replied.

Trowa unlocked the door to the mobile home and held it open for Megan. He glanced around to make sure no one saw them and then locked the door behind him once they were inside. Cathrine and Quatre ducked behind a neighboring mobile home barely avoiding being spotted by Trowa. "Trowa sure is acting oddly," said Cathrine. "Wonder what they’re up to?," said Quatre. "Let’s find out," replied Cathrine. The tow quietly walked over to the door of the mobile home. Quatre pressed his ear upon the door and hearing that they weren’t in the main room he signaled to Cathrine. Slowly and quietly Cathrine opened the door closing it behind them just as carefully. Trowa had left his door open just a crack, through which a sliver of light shone. Cathrine and Quatre peered through the door and began their eavesdropping.

Megan was sitting on the side of the bed while Trowa stood a few feet away from her. Turning to face her he asked, "So, tell me, what’s a 15 year olds idea of having some fun?." Megan looked at him with luring eyes. "Although I may be 15, trust me, my mind is far more mature. If you sit down next to me I’d be glad to show you instead of tell you," she said. He obeyed without further questions and before he knew it the two were rolling around the bed passionately kissing. "Care to go a little further?," asked Megan. Shocked at Megan’s behavior Cathrine and Quatre fell over. This made quite a loud noise and Trowa became much more alert. "I’ll go find out what that was," he told Megan, "Don’t you go anywhere." Cathrine and Quatre frantically looked for a place to hide. Seeing only one place to go, Cathrine grabbed Quatre’s hand and dashed into the bathroom with him. She quietly slid the shower curtain open and the tow of them hid in the shower.

Trowa stuck his head out the door, glanced around, and not seeing anything out of the ordinary, returned to Megan. Since the shower was right up against the other side of Trowa’s room, Cathrine and Quatre were able to continue their eavesdropping. Trowa sat down next to Megan who was propped up against the pillows. "So, said Megan, "not counting what have happened tonight, how far have you ever been with a girl?." Trowa didn’t respond and instead just stared at the floor. "You don’t mean to tell me that a handsome guy like you has never even had a girlfriend, do you?," said Megan. Trowa shook his head, "What about you, how far have you gotten?." Well, um, uh…," said Megan trailing off. "I see," said Trowa. "So what do you say we just make a record for how far two inexperienced people who just met can get?," asked Megan. "I’m game if you are." That night Megan and Trowa became an official couple, in addition to losing their virginity that is.

The next morning, the two decided to freshen up with a shower. As the shower curtain was pulled open and they noticed Cathrine and Quatre, all four of them let out a quick scream of shock. Megan darted behind Trowa in an effort to hide her naked body. Quatre turned away and Cathrine shielded her eyes, while Trowa grabbed some towels to cover himself and Megan up with. Had Cathrine and Quatre not fallen asleep in the shower they might have been able to avoid this. The two had stopped eavesdropping the previous night when they realized Megan and Trowa were going farther than they had intended to hear, and to be quite honest, far then the two of them had ever even dreamed of. To clear their minds, the two had made out in the shower and once they became exhausted they chose to fall asleep there.

Once Trowa regained his composure and some of his dignity he pointed towards the bathroom door and with a very loud and authoritative voice said, "Out! Everybody out, now!." Everyone sat down at the table and for about a minute there was nothing but silence. Trowa demanded a reason and both Cathrine and Quatre told him the truth, leaving out the making out part. Trowa calmed himself down by remember that is was Cathrine’s house too and she had every right to be there as he did. That still didn’t give her a right to eavesdrop but he’d talk about that with her some more later. Megan noticed the time and realized that her mobile home had probably arrived by now. Megan and Trowa got changed and made the bed. As Megan was leaving with Trowa, she turned to Cathrine and asked, "Will this little incident effect my circus career?." Cathrine chuckled, then smiled at Megan and replied, "Of course not. A little love in the circus never hurt anyone."


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