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Since the female characters all represent my friends, and each of my friends asked me to write about certain things happening with thier characters, this is just to give the appropriate people thanks for thier ideas which I used as foundations for this story. I hope you like it. This story is rather long though, so sit back and relax.

Love in the Circus

By: Cathrine Bloom


Cathrine sat on the couch sipping from her cup of steamy hot coffee. Dinner wouldn’t finish cooking for at least another 20 minutes. Gazing out the window she watched Megan practicing her tiger-taming act. A bunch of girls had been hired about a month ago and they were still getting used to the ropes of the circus life.

Megan loved animals, tigers especially, and had learned how to train them like an expert. Shannon and Kat had been training in the art of trapeze since they were little; both were excellent at it. Sarah preformed an enchanting silk butterfly dance. Her dance consisted of lots of silk cloth tied together high above the ground in which Sarah danced and moved around in while wearing a butterfly costume. Kim’s stunt was a little more complex. She worked with 7 other people. A total of 4 boys and 4 girls. The four boys each held a pole on which each of the girls climbed to the top of. The four poles met in the middle. It was a complex act, but the audience loved it.

Excluding Megan, none of the girls had ever met Trowa, Quatre, Heero, Duo or Wufei. Megan had only met Trowa and Quatre, where as Cathrine had met everyone. Trowa had been the one responsible for getting Megan and her friends the jobs in the circus. Ever since Megan and Trowa have been an item, although Trowa had been very good at keeping it a secret from Cathrine until Megan finally came out and told her after Trowa left for his last mission. Cathrine was going out with Quatre, but this was a fact that absolutely none of the girls knew, yet. They just thought the two got along really well. As for the other girls, they had met no one, and the only picture that Cathrine had to show them was one taken last time Megan, Trowa, Quatre and herself had been together.

Just then the phone rang, startling Cathrine, and causing her to spill some of her now cold coffee on the table. As she sat there mopping it up with a paper towel she propped the phone between her shoulder and her ear. She turned the phone on and said a simple "Hello," into the receiver. "Hey Cath," replied the sexy male voice, which she immediately recognized as Quatre’s. "Quatre!," Catherine exclaimed, "Where are you guys?" Funny but Trowa never called, it was always Quatre, Cathrine couldn’t see why he wouldn’t want to talk to his sister on the phone, and it didn’t matter though, she was glad any chance she got to talk with Quatre.

While she as still mopping up coffee and talking on the phone, Megan, Kim, Kat, Shannon and Sarah ventured in full of curiosity. Cathrine, still deeply involved talking to Quatre, didn’t even notice them open the door to her mobile home. Nonchalantly Quatre said "Actually we aren’t too far from the circus…in fact I can even see a few tents from here." "Really?!?!," Catherine said gleefully, "Well, are you going to come visit me or not." Of course she already knew his answer would be yes. "Why of course pretty lady, I wouldn’t let such an opportunity be missed," he said. Cathrine blushed at this comment and suddenly noticed that the other girls were in the mobile home with her. They all immediately burst out giggling at Cathrine who was still blushing from Quatre’s comment.

Meanwhile, Quatre was a couple of blocks away using a pay phone while the others sat around growing restless. On the other end Cathrine paused and he could hear the new girls giggling in the background. "Hey, I’ll talk to you some more when you get here," Cathrine said with the tone in her voice that meant more than one thing, "so put my brother on all right? I want to talk to him." "Sure thing, see ya later," he said as he called Trowa over and handed him the receiver. "Uh, hi Cathrine," Trowa said as he took the receiver from Quatre. "Hey bro, wanna talk to your girl?," Cathrine said in an ever so perky voice. Trowa’s attention span immediately came back to him hearing Megan’s name. "Whuh? Yeah, put her on," he said in a much more energized voice.

"Hey Meg," Cathrine said turning around to face Megan, "Trowa’s getting all alive for a change, better talk to him before you miss out on this special opportunity." "Give me that phone!," said Megan grabbing the receiver from Cathrine. "Getting all possessive are we, well I don’t blame you, it isn’t every day that Trowa has enough energy to say more than 10 sentences a day.," Said Cathrine, giggling as she watched Megan. "Heya," Megan said to Trowa. "Hi beautiful," he replied. Now it was Megan’s turn to blush and the entire room of girls broke out giggling again. Trowa and Megan talked for another 10-15 minutes and then Megan hung up. "They’ll be here any minute now," she said to the entire room of girls.

Everyone ran outside to greet the Gundams. They didn’t come in their Gundams though, they had hidden those a few miles away. Trowa pulled up in his truck with the four other boys in the back. After he parked the car everyone hopped off. Immediately all the girls ran over to the boys while Megan and Cathrine walked slowly over. Trowa and Quatre stood leaning their backs against the truck while the girls surrounded the other three boys. Megan and Cathrine walked over to Trowa and Quatre and started introductions. Soon everybody knew everybody else’s name. Kim had gotten a quick crush on Heero while Shannon and Kat were debating over who would get Duo. Sarah and Wufei were the lone ones of the groups, only talking to each other because they had nothing better to do, but with no romantic intentions at all.

"Hey bro," said Cathrine giving Trowa a nudge with her elbow. She turned to Quatre and said a quiet, "hi," another one of her words spoken with many reasons. Trowa and Quatre caught on to what she was doing but Megan didn’t even notice. Before Megan could even say hi, Trowa wrapped his arms around her and gave her a good solid kiss on the lips. Megan responded by pushing him gently away from him while whispering in his ear, "Let’s save that for later." A huge grin appeared on Trowa’s face and he nodded to Megan.

Cathrine stood there smiling at Quatre. "So how about we go eat dinner?," she asked, "I just finished making it before you came and I’d love to share it with you." She said "love" with a wink to him and the two walked off. Sarah was now really bored and turned to face Trowa. "Hey, mind if I take your truck for a little joy ride?" "Sure," he said and tossed her the keys without a second thought. "Hey," Wufei spoke up, "you aren’t about to get away with the car that easily. I’ll go with you." Sarah gave him one of those "excuse me?!" looks, but then just sighed and said, "Fine." Sarah hopped in the driver’s seat and Wufei made himself comfortable in the passenger seat. She turned on the ignition and drove out of the circus.

After the car was out of sight, Kat and Shannon whispered something to each other then looked at Duo and smiled. "Wanna see our trapeze act?," asked Shannon. Kat added a cute and pitiful, "Please…." Duo just thought, "uh…not really," but wanting to be nice he just gritted his teeth and said "Sure." The two girls each grabbed an arm and dragged him unwillingly off to one of the tents.

Megan and Trowa, who had been talking during all this, started walking over towards the mobile home. Trowa craned his head around and signaled for Heero and Kim to follow them inside. As they opened the door and walked inside, they saw Cathrine and Quatre cleaning up from dinner. They had made quite a mess and Trowa asked, "What did you two eat?." "Actually, I think the real question is…" said Heero as he walked over to the two and whispered, "…what else did you guys eat?." Cathrine slapped him as soon as the words left his mouth. Kim, oblivious to Heero’s comment stared in shock at Cathrine. "Now why’d you go and do that for?," Kim asked. "I’ve got my reasons," Cathrine replied. Heero, still holding his face in pain, just laughed. "Well I’m going to go show Quatre some of the new acts we’ve got," said Cathrine as she as she headed towards the door. "Wait!," said Heero as he walked over to Quatre. He took Quatre’s hand and placing it over his own hand he gave Quatre a little gift. Whispering, he told Quatre, "Since we both know she’s going to show you more than just the new acts, I thought you might want and need this." The two parted ways and Quatre walked out the door with Cathrine. Opening his hand he found none other than a balloon (balloon- lunch table slang for condom). He quickly slipped into his pocket before Cathrine could notice it.

Meanwhile in Trowa’s truck, Wufei had been staring directly forward for the last 10 minutes. "Will you knock it off!," Sarah practically yelled at Wufei knocking him out of his trance. Noticing what he’d been doing he stopped and turned to look at her. "Uh, sorry," he said. Sarah glared at him, "Don’t tell me that now you’re gonna start staring at me, cuz’ if you do, you know I’m gonna have to severely injure you! Why did you come anyway?" "Anything’s better than hanging around all those couples…" Wufei trailed off. "Yeah, it’s really depressing seeing Megan and Trowa, Duo swarmed by Kat and Shannon, Heero being worshipped over by Kim and Cathrine and Quatre just hanging together." Wufei snickered at the last comment. Quietly he said, "Just hanging…right…" with a touch of sarcasm in his voice. "Well just to set the record straight, I’m not on this ride to hook up with you, so don’t get any ideas." "Don’t worry, I wasn’t getting any and I wasn’t planning on doing so anytime soon," she replied. "Besides," Wufei said, "even if you did get a guy, you’d never do things like what those couples do." "Hey!," Sarah said thinking she was being insulted at first, then after realizing what he meant said, "Ewwwwies…I’d never do anything like that in a million years." "Just as I figured," Wufei said in a matter of factly way.

Back in the trapeze tent, Shannon and Kat were each trying to do their best to out do the other. They kept trying harder and harder to impress Duo, but the only person they impressed was their boss who began considering giving the two a raise. Duo sat in a laid back position in the bleachers trying desperately not to fall asleep in front of the two girls. They were both really beautiful to him, but he’d never be able to just choose one of them on his own so until he found a solution, neither of them could have him. Even if it meant having to watch them compete for hours on end…

Over in the mobile house, Trowa and Megan sat together on the couch while Heero and Kim sat across from each other at the table. Megan was fidgeting while sitting next to Trowa and suddenly she exclaimed, "Trowa!." Kim turned to see Megan pulling up her skirt which had been pulled down somewhat by Trowa. "Maybe we should leave," said Heero standing up, "but where can we go to?." "Why don’t you guys go in my room, it’s right over there through that door," pointed Trowa, "past it is Cathrine’s room." "Why don’t we just take Cathrine’s room and you two can take your room?," asked Kim. "Cathrine would kill me if I gave her room out for use. Besides, the only way to get into her room is to walk through mine, so if you guys had to get out, you’d be trapped in there until we finish." Trowa said all of this as if he’d gone through this routine’s millions of times. "Don’t worry about you two, we’ll go to my dressing room, it’s really comfortable there," said Megan and then she leaned over to whisper in Trowa’s ear, "plus there’s plenty of nice soft grass to lay on." "Alright, but take this with you," said Heero walking over to Trowa and handing him the same thing he had given Quatre. Trowa laughed loudly and thanked Heero as he and Megan walked out the door.

"We’re finally alone," said Kim as she walked with Heero into Trowa’s room. "Uh, yeah," said Heero a little tensely not sure whether or not being alone with Kim was such a good thing. Kim sat down on the bed and patted it with her hand motioning for him to join her. He did but still very tensely. Kim could sense his anxiety and tenseness. "You just need to loosen up a little," she said as she started massaging his back. "There’s nothing wrong with a little good and innocent fun," she said and turned him so that he faced her. Before Heero could object she planted a kiss firm upon his lips. From there everything happened rather quickly. Next thing he knew they were lying on the bed, with him on top, making out. He didn’t know what it was about this girl Kim, but there was something about her that allowed him to relax, a thing he rarely did. For once his mind was off his mission and with each kiss his offensive wall gradually lessened. Kim was wearing a tight purple dress. As they continued making out, Heero’s hands wandered from her upper body to under the dress. Kim’s long hair was getting to be quite a mess from all their movement but she didn’t mind.

During all this, Quatre and Cathrine were wandering aimlessly around the circus looking for somewhere to go. "How about we just give up and go back to the mobile home," said Quatre, "they’re bound to be out of there by now." "Sure thing, we don’t have anything to lose…" Cathrine said, and thought "…other than our virginity." The two walked back to the mobile home, being careful to look as innocent as a secretive couple can look. Opening the door of the mobile home Cathrine said, "Well, it sure is quiet in here, I guess they left." Quatre nodded in agreement. The two plopped down on the couch. "Finally we can knock off the sweet innocent friends act that we’ve been pulling off in front of your friends," said Quatre as he kissed her gently on the neck. They started making out then Quatre stopped, sat upright and pulled the balloon out of his pocket. He held it in front of Cathrine so she could see it. Cathrine smiled noticing it and said, "Let’s go somewhere else for that. Like my room." She smiled and grabbed Quatre’s hand as she headed for the door to the bedrooms.

Giggling she flung open the door to Trowa’s room since the only way to her room was to pass through his first. Trowa had made sure the mobile home was arranged this way so that if anything ever happened, he’d be able to protect Cathrine. As she flung open the door dragging Quatre with her she stopped dead in her tracks noticing Kim and Heero on Trowa’s bed making out. Letting out a gasp Heero and Kim noticed the other couple and froze. Kim let out something similar to the combination of a gasp and a squeal out of surprise and shock. Heero just froze where he was holding himself above Kim thinking, "sh*t, sh*t, sh*t." Cathrine, using her free hand to cover her mouth, said, "Oh my, well you two certainly seem to be getting along rather well for a first encounter, so sorry to interrupt."

Heero rolled himself off of Kim and jumped off the bed walking over to Quatre. Kim also got up and walked over to Cathrine. Quatre and Cathrine were still holding hands forgetting to fake the friends act and Kim suddenly noticed. "Well, well, well, if I’m not mistaken you two seem to be acting like more than friends," she said and then looked at Cathrine’s neck and giggled, "and if I’m not mistaken, I’d say you’ve got a hickey." Cathrine quickly looked in Trowa’s mirror and noticed it. She hadn’t had time to cover it up with make-up and now Kim new, "Oh well" she thought, they would have found out sooner or later. Cathrine then looked and Kim and chuckled, "I may have one but seems you’ve been rather busy since you have far more hickey’s than me." Kim turned a rather interesting shade of red.

As the girls were talking, so were the boys. "Why Heero, I never knew," said Quatre in a mockingly sort of way. "Oh shut up," said Heero getting his composure together again. He noticed that Quatre was holding the balloon in his free hand and Heero snatched it from him without Kim noticing. "I doubt there’ll be much time for that, it’s kind of hard to get away with that stuff when people know where you are." Quatre sighed, "Yeah, one day it will happen, but I guess today just isn’t it." "It could still be today, just not anytime soon," Heero replied. Unlike Megan and Trowa, Quatre and Cathrine were still very much virgins. Megan and Trowa on the other hand were probably doing it right now, on the grass, in Megan’s changing tent. There was a lock on the tent, which reminded Quatre, "Hey, if you guys were going to make out, didn’t it ever occur to you that these doors lock?" Both couples looked at him with a facial expression that said ‘oops’. "Yeah," said Cathrine pointing to the exact location of the locks, "and there’s more than one, Trowa’s a very protective guy you know." The two couples just stood in the room, both embarrassed, but then without saying anything, walked into the main area of the mobile home leaving the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Trowa and Megan were finished doing what they had been up to. After they had finished re-clothing themselves Megan sat next to Trowa smiling. "That was fun," she said. "Isn’t it always?," asked Trowa. "Mmhmm," she replied giving him a quick kiss. "We should go back to the mobile home now, it’s getting late and everybody is probably already there waiting," she said. Trowa just nodded and stood up. Before Megan could get up to walk he scooped her up in his arms and carried her out of the room.

Over on the trapeze Shannon and Kat were still trying to out do each other. Duo glanced at a clock and called up to them, "Hey! It’s getting kind of late, we should head back to the mobile house now." The two girls swung back to their platforms and Kat called down, "Ok!." They each climbed down and ran over to Duo, again each grabbing one of his arms. Duo sighed, he’d be glad to lose them when they got back to the mobile home. It’s not that he didn’t like the two girls, but like he had thought earlier, he hated being put in a position where he was supposed to choose.

Back in Trowa’s truck, Sarah and Wufei were running out of places to drive. Sarah’s stomach growled and she looked at Wufei, "It’s getting kind of late, you want to go pick up some pizza’s for everyone?." "Sure," he said noticing that his stomach was also rather empty. Sarah pulled over at the nearest pizza place. They sat in the car waiting for the pizza to cook. Wufei turned to look at Sarah again. Moving gradually closer to her, Wufei said, "You know, it’s getting rather boring in here, how about we liven it up a bit?." As he spoke he moved closer and closer to Sarah until he was less than an inch away from her face. As he was about to kiss her, Sarah said, "I don’t think so buddy," she shoved his face and body away from her, "you go back to where you were." She opened the car door and hopped out. "I think it’s time to go get the pizza now." She slammed the door behind her.

Sarah came back to the car carrying some boxes of pizza and put them in the back of the truck under a blanket to keep them warm. She climbed back into the truck and drove silently back to the circus with Wufei. They pulled into the circus and parked in front of Cathrine’s mobile home. Sarah looked into Wufei’s eyes and he looked into hers. Despite what had happened the last time, this time when Wufei went to kiss he she didn’t resist. Wufei held Sarah’s head in his hand and they leaned against the driver seat door and started making out.

Meanwhile, everyone but Duo, Kat and Shannon were inside the mobile house. Duo, Kat and Shannon were walking out of one of the tents and heading towards the mobile house. Upon coming within sight of the car, Duo saw a pizza box peaking out under the blankets. He broke free from the grasp of the two girls and ran over to the truck. He jumped in the back to grab the pizza boxes. It was then that he noticed Sarah and Wufei inside the car making out. He quickly and quietly jumped out of the back of the car and handed the pizza boxes to Shannon and Kat. The two girls walked into the mobile home with the boxes. Duo looked around and spotted some rocks, which he picked up and threw at the truck. Sarah and Wufei ignored the noise of the rocks hitting the truck and continued to make out.

Duo walked over to the passenger side door and started pounding on it. Sarah, who was facing that window, noticed Duo and started hitting Wufei to get him off. "Get off, get off, get off, NOW!," she screeched. Wufei slowly backed off embarrassed and confused. Sarah sunk her body low in the driver’s seat and covered her face with her hands so no one would notice her. Wufei opened his door and jumped out. As Wufei got out Duo hopped in. Duo clambered over to Sarah, reached over her and opened the driver’s seat door. Since Sarah had been pushed up against the door during her make out session, she fell out.

Sarah stoop up, clenched her fists and then screamed bloody murder. Duo and Wufei just stood where they were. Wufei was leaning against the hood of the truck and Duo was sitting where Sarah had been with his feet dangling over the ground while he faced Sarah. Hearing Sarah scream, everyone inside the mobile home ran out. Megan was the last to run out, still holding her soda in one hand and pizza in the other. "What’s going on?," she said with her mouth full. Sarah stopped screaming when she noticed the attention she was attracting. She covered her face with her hands again and ran off to her mobile home. She and Kat shared a mobile home so when Sarah ran off Kat followed closely behind.

What Sarah needed was someone to talk to and that person was Kat. Sarah flung open the door to her mobile home and once she was inside she slammed it behind her. She ran to her bed, sat down and buried her face in her hands. Kat slowly opened and closed the door then walked over to Sarah. She sat down next to her as Sarah told her story. Kat sympathetically listened and after Sarah had spilled it all out she said, "So, at least you got a guy…all Shannon and I did all day long was compete over Duo." "But I didn’t want a guy," said Sarah, "at least not in that way!."

Back by Cathrine’s mobile home, everyone had gone back inside. Shannon looked at Wufei, "What’s up with her?," she said referring to Sarah. Wufei just stared down at the ground not daring to speak. "Well," said Duo, and he went on to thoroughly embarrass Wufei with the details of what he’d seen. Kim sat there with a confused face. She held up one hand, "Sarah?," she held up her other hand, "and Wufei," she put the two hands together, "making out?." She looked at Duo very confused, "Are you sure you’ve got your facts right?." Duo nodded, "Besides, just look at Wufei’s face turning an interesting cherry red, that’s all the proof you’ll ever need," said Duo. Everyone looked at Wufei causing him to turn an even darker shade of red.

Back in Kat and Sarah’s mobile home, Kat had managed to get Sarah back to her senses. "Come on, let’s go join up with the others," said Kat. Sarah stood up and just nodded following Kat out the door and locking it behind her. From inside Cathrine’s mobile home, the door creaked open and in popped Kat and Sarah. They sat down around the table with everyone else. Sarah grabbed a slice suddenly realizing her hunger. Everyone was quiet while Sarah ate. She looked around the room noticing all the eyes on her. Then she saw something truly humorous upon looking at Megan. "Uh…Megan…" said Sarah with a cautious tone in her voice, "uh…why are you…um…wearing Trowa’s shirt?." Trowa had been wearing a sweater and a shirt before. Now Megan was wearing his shirt and Trowa only had his sweater on. "Uh," said Megan while thinking up an excuse, "I spilled something on my other one?," she blurted out. Everyone, except Trowa and Megan, laughed noting the falseness in Megan’s answer.

"Well, while we are going around embarrassing each other…" said Heero who had been keeping quiet until now. Before he could say anything, Cathrine and Quatre’s eyes widened and Quatre blurted out, "Don’t even think of it, or we’ll just have to share your story too." Heero contemplated the threat. As he was about to open his mouth Kim elbowed him, hard, then smiled innocently as possible. "I think we’re missing something," said Shannon looking at Quatre and Heero for an answer. Quatre was the one who spoke up. He told about how he and Cathrine, whom were just ‘passing by’ to get something from Cathrine’s room, walked in on Heero and Kim making out. Heero then intervened to add how Quatre and Cathrine were doing more than just ‘passing by’. Both couples were blushing immensely while a few of the girls looked at Cathrine now with the knowledge that she and Quatre were more than ‘just friends’. "I knew it!," said Megan, everyone looked at her, "uh ok, maybe I didn’t…."

After everyone grabbed one last slice of pizza, they all went their separate, well almost separate, ways. Megan and Trowa went for a "walk" but somehow ended up in Trowa’s Gundam. Cathrine and Quatre stayed in the mobile home. They convinced everyone that they would actually sleep in two separate beds, even though it was a total and complete flat out lie. Sarah and Kat went back to their mobile home, by themselves. Wufei, since he had no invitations, slept in Trowa’s truck. Shannon went home since the circus was passing by her town this week. Duo slept on the blankets in the back of Trowa’s trunk. Heero followed Kim back to the mobile home that was supposed to be shared with Megan, but since Megan didn’t seem to be coming home tonight the two had the place all to themselves.

The next morning Kat and Shannon were seen walking around having walked back from Shannon’s home. Terribly bored they decided to check on Heero and Kim. The two walked over to Megan and Kim’s mobile house and knocked on the door. After a loud thud Kim opened the door. Kat and Shannon took one look at her and cracked up hysterically. What a site she was. She was still fully clothed, but her lipstick was smeared across her face, the same with her mascara. Her hair was a total ball of frizz. Looking at Kim’s shoulder the two girls noticed that her dress was hanging off of her shoulder making her bra strap completely visible. Looking down they noticed that the bottom of her dress had gotten caught in her undergarments. Realizing that they shouldn’t be looking they covered their eyes and looked away until Kim was able to fix herself up to be more presentable. Upon asking about the thud they’d heard, Kim pointed to Heero whom she accidentally knocked out of bed as she was making her way to the door. He just lay on the ground too lazy to get up. Regaining his senses and noticing Kat and Shannon he smiled weakly and waved with two fingers.

Once Heero got up off the floor all four of them walked over to Cathrine’s mobile home. Heero knocked on the door. Expecting to hear clambering they were surprised when Quatre and Cathrine opened the door looking completely clean cut. Their hair and clothing were completely perfect. "Looks like you two had a rather boring night…" said Shannon. Quatre just smiled a huge grin on his face. "Maybe…maybe not…" he said while pointing towards the bedrooms. Everyone looked in the direction he was pointing and noticed that one bed had the bed perfectly made while the other bed’s sheets were flown everywhere. "We just got up really early and took a shower," said Cathrine, "that’s why we aren’t a mess like the bed." "By the way," said Quatre turning to Heero, "thanks for the gift…"

Meanwhile Duo and Wufei decided to go out and find where Megan and Trowa had spent the night. Before they left the circus though, Sarah caught up with them and hopped in the car squeezing a seat between the two guys. They drove back to where Trowa had originally parked his Gundam but didn’t find it or the two lovers there. A hundred yards away they saw a bunch of fallen trees and the Gundam lying on its back. They hopped out of the car and walked over to it. Duo jumped onto the Gundam, knocked on the hatch, then jumped back down to the ground. After the sound of a lot of clambering, the hatch opened and Trowa pulled himself out, without a shirt. Behind him he was followed by Megan, who was wearing Trowa’s sweater…and just his sweater. Her hair was a mess and looked as if it would take forever to comb. Tangled in with her hair were little pieces of Easter grass. Megan looked at the visitors and said, "Uh…" Before she could think of an excuse Trowa said, "Don’t ask." Sarah made an extremely surprised and slightly disgusted face. Looking at the other two guys she said, "Smile, nod, and slowly walk away."

--------------------------------------<THE END>--------------------------------------

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