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<Cathrine> Had your fill of stories already? Here are some of my friends pages that you can take a peek at.

The Green Planet- Made by Kat, dedicated to her favorite Dragon Ball Z characters...the nameks! Very well done page, be sure to check it out.

Surfer Girl's Anime Artwork- This is a page I made for Megan showcasing most of her, you guessed it, anime artwork. All the pictures at this site were drawn by her and then touched up on Adobe Photoshop.

Cephiro No Sekai- This is a Magic Knight Rayearth page made by my friend James. It's still in the making but it'll be great once it's finished.

Catherine's Circus- A really great page which has more than just stuff on Catherine Bloom.

Shrine to the Women of Gundam Wing- A really great page with a TON of pictures on all the Gundam Wing women. This is where I got some of my pictures. Also have bios on all the women too. Get your very own free online diary! A really sugoi page.

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