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Changing Tents

**Note, if a couple has a hyplerink, click on it to see a picture of them with thier significant other.**

<Cathrine> Hey Trowa, while we are still in our costumes, how about a little target practice?

<Trowa> And once again...I'm the target...

<Quatre> Oooo, knife throwing, can I try?

<Cathrine> Sure. ::gives Quatre a quick kiss for good luck::

::Cathrine and Quatre throw some knives at Trowa barely missing him::

<Trowa> Just be glad you didn't hit me, cuz' then you'd have Megan to deal with...

The Guy The Gal
Quatre Cathrine
Trowa Megan
Heero Kim
Duo Shannon
Wufei Sarah
Piccolo Kat
Krillin Rachel
Goku Chichi
Gohan No one

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