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A Rurouni For Your Thoughts
written by Information Specialist (yup, that's me)

    1. First Tears
    2. Meeting in the Woods
    3. Battles
    4. Desperate Times
    5. Desperate Measures
    6. Reverie
    7. Confessions
    8. Revelations?
    9. Left in the Dark
    10. Farewells..
    11. Mysteries Left Behind
    12. New Awakening NEW!!
Darkness before Dawn
written by Sentora (an unbelievably talented buddy of mine)

    1. Three little words, a whole lot of trouble..
    2. Bad things...
    3. Coming to America
    4. Six Guns and Sakaba's
    5. The answers you seek...
    6.Curtain Call
    7.No Turning Back


Back To Your Heart My first sonfic!! This is based on my fanfic, "A Rurouni For Your Thoughts" and is actually part of the story. Think of it as a teaser for things to come. Enjoy!

Smile Like Mona Lisa
This songfic was written by my good friend Sentora for my fanfic, A Rurouni For Your Thoughts.

I'll be Your Knight
This song was a gift from Sentora. Another song based on my fanfic. *starry eyes* Thank you so much Sentora! It's beautiful!

(What the hell) I see in you
Another great songfic written by Sentora. Do we see a pattern here ^_^ But, this one based on Darkness Before Dawn The song centers around the relationship between a certain fox and an ex-gangster...

Distance NEW!!
A song fic submission. I don't usually take submissions but this was written with my fic in mind so could hardly refuse ^_^. Thank you Asuka-san!

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