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Back to your heart

Music starts. Kenshin is in his room, packing a bag.
            It's not that I can't live without you
He shoulders his bag and leaves the dojo.
            It's just that I don't even want to try

Flash forward to Kenshin, night in the woods, in front of a fire trying to sleep
            Every night I dream about you
He sees Kaoru's face in the stars
            Ever since the day we said goodbye
Eyes close at the memory; sees Kaoru, eyes misty, she says something, then leaves.
            If I wasn't such a fool
Sees what he should have done, that he should've stopped her
            Right now I'd be holding you

But, he didn't know what to do back then if only..
            There's nothing that I wouldn't do
Sees her ignoring his questions, ignoring him, if only...
            If only you would tell me girl
            The words to say, the road to take,
            To find a way back to your heart

Sees her attacking him,
            What can I do, to get to you
Tries to get close, she pushes him away
            And find a way back to your heart
Falls asleep, seeing Kaoru in his mind, turned away from him.

Morning, he wakes up, starts walking,
            I don't know how it got so crazy,
Remembers how she stabbed herself
            But I'll do anything to set things right

Remembers how openly she used to show her feelings for him.
            Cause your love is so amazing,
Sees her smile, and relives the happiness it always brought him
            Baby you're the best thing in my life

Sees her arguing with Megumi over him, and how he never took her seriously.
            Let me prove my love is real,
Sees her hurt face when he avoided her advances
            And made you feel the way I feel.
Remembers how much her love felt to him.
            I promise I would give the world,
Kaoru's hurt face dissolves, replaced by an angry one, Kenshin shudders, looks at the sky

            If only you would tell me girl,
Camera follows Kenshin's gaze up, then falls down to show Kaoru walking
            The words to say, the road to take
            To find a way back your heart

Screen splits. Kenshin walks towards the screen, Kaoru walks away.
            What can I do, to get to you
Kenshin suddenly looks around, feeling Kaoru's presence
            And find a way back to your heart
Spots her, walking a long distance away and starts running towards her.

Reaches her, stops a few feet behind her, she stops and turns around
            Give me one more chance
Her face has an unreadable expression, but her eyes show her surprise
                         Give me one more chance
His face is desperate.
            To give my love to you
He comes closer to her, reaches out
            Cause no one on this earth, loves you like I do
He talks earnestly to her, she says nothing; he sighs, then in a tired voice:
            Tell me,
            The words to say, the road to take
            To find a way back to your heart

Kaoru's eyes widen, her mouth drops open at his words, Kenshin sees this and continues:
            What can I do, to get to you,
            And find a way back to your heart…
He waits for a sign from her, she turns around and walks away, then disappears. Kenshin panics.
            I turn back time, to make you mine
That day, her eyes willed him to stop her; and he didn't.
            And find a way back to your heart
Now, her eyes told him to back off, that he wasn't wanted,
            I beg and plead, fall to my knees,
Kenshin slashes a tree in anger, and cries out for her
            And find a way back to your heart

Kenshin drops his sword, leans against the tree for support,
            The words to say, the road to take
            To find a way back to your heart

Raises his head to the sky, shuts his eyes in misery;
            What can I do, to get to you?
            And find a way back to your heart…
Screen shows Kaoru, eyes soft, gazing back at Kenshin; wanting to return but walks on, unaware of her own tears.
            Back to your heart…

Camera zooms out to show the woods that separate Kenshin and Kaoru. Zooms in more to a certain tree, where a figure is smoking. "How touching," Saitoh smirks, before dropping his cigarette and walks away.

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