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Title: Distance
By: Princess Asuka

Looking For you in this distant town,
Tears rolling straight down.
I walk for miles and miles and miles,
I wear my kimono, without a smile.


Diamonds, Silver or even Gold,
Can never ever replace.
The dearest thing my creator moulds,
Your precious, wonderful face.

I feel My heart cry and pound,
My knees fall right to the ground.
My journey, I know, will never end.
I'll never find you, my dear friend.


I wish I knew the reason why,
I made myself cry.
I knew you loved me, no doubt you did,
But insecurity I couldn't get rid.


And as death, pulls me to my grave,
I'll chant, and I'll rave.
Wondering why, wondering when,
I'll ever see you again, my friend.


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