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Personal log of Micheal Taylor. Captain of the Poseidon....
Japan never ceases to amaze me. It's ether the beauty of the land or the 
strangeness of it's people. Today it's the latter, as usual. After departing 
Tokyo harbor before onward to England to deliver our gunpowder cargo, we 
noticed an odd light toward the Asuka area and decided to investigate out of 
curiosity. At first it seemed to be a waste of time since it vanished by the 
time we arrived however we did come across something interesting I just had 
to record.
I've never since a man as frightened and disturbed as the old fisherman we 
pulled out of the drink. Even odder what we found along with him. The 
wreckage of a small boat and bloody waters....I first surmised that it was a 
burial at sea, one of the few customs I share with the Japanese, and the 
sharks had gotten to it.
Then I saw what was left of the sharks around the wreckage.
Ripped to pieces.
What the hell could have done that to great whites?
The old man wasn't much help. He was very weak and sickly, ranting about a 
gaki-demon-that feasted on the sharks and then attacked him....but 
apologized even as it drained him with a touch....
He even commented on how it was so sad....
At first I dismissed this nonsense and resumed course to England....But then 
it started. All night we were finding random members of the crew in the same 
drained condition as the old man was.
All muttering the same thing as the old man. All prime of health....
I have the feeling that the old man was telling the truth and this 'gaki' is 
I'm not in the habit of writing this early in the morning but I'll make an 
exception under the circumstances.
I don't know what happened to me last night, and what little I recall 
terrifies me more than my present dilemmia. The entire crew of thirty men 
including myself awoke to find ourselves in New York harbor.
Our ship gone.
I can't even begin to understand what the hell just happened. Last night we 
were barely leaving Japanese waters and now we're on the other side of the 
world in a matter of hours?!! It's absurd! What the hell happened?
Then I remember an soothing, apologetic voice....A Japanese voice
"Gomensai, captain. But I need this more than you at the moment...."
A Female voice......
Premium Spirit Productions Presents...
A Rurouni Kenshin/Ninja Scroll Crossover
Darkness before Dawn.
By Sentora
Rurouni Kenshin and all it's characters belong to Nobuhiro Watsuki, The 
great guys at Sony and Jump magazine, I'm just borrowing them for this crazy 
fic. The new ones, however, belong to me...So ask nicely if you want to use 
them, Kay? ^_^
Part Six: Curtain Call.
Asuka was anything but quiet at the moment.
The marching started at sundown with little warning, A final shock the 
already terrified townspeople didn't need...wasn't the 'constuction' of that 
horrible thing in their bay enough? The fact that most of their homes and 
loved ones were now more than....building materials?!
But here they were now fleeing for whatever safety they could while the town 
millita attempted a stand against the small army....of....THINGS that swept 
into the village....a hellish but perfectly composed parade of creatures of 
various discription and even the undead.....All led by that insane freak of 
a woman called Silk through the streets, obviously enjoying herself as well 
as she causally bashed aside or threw anyone unfortuately in her path. The 
'twins' weren't far behind, grinning madly as they also hacked at anyone 
In the center of the 'parade', borne on a litter carried by four hulking 
beastmen, was Ashura herself upon a throne of human bones and skulls....a 
cloaked stranger standing at her right....only the lower half of it's face 
and it's eyes-terrible, black pits with glowing gold that froze all 
unfortunate to meet them-visible beneath the gold cloak. Ashura smirked at 
the people and to herself as she reached over to squeeze the hand of the 
cloaked one, who smiled ferally.
As always with Ashura, there was more to this display than met the eye....In 
truth the entire thing was an elaborate trap for Jubei: She knew he was 
nearby....taunting him with opportunities to challenge her. And every 
opportunity was covered, even if he actually had the brains to try sneaking 
aboard the ship while away....
Below, the millita made their attack....Silk actually bursting into song on 
the spot as she and her brother met them head on....tearing through them 
with glee by themselves.
That's it weaklings! Run and hide!
Cower before our battle cry!
Or curse our name
As you scream and DIE! (Snaps a man's back over her knee as she yells the 
Welcome to the darkside!
You'll have fun, would I lie?
So get ready
For one hell of a ride!
First Asuka then the world!
The 'soldiers' started a chant of their own, serving as an oddly fitting if 
twisted chorus.
Bow to Empress Ashura!
Bow to Empress Ashura!
Daisho added to it with surprising talent, Alto and bass voice mixing 
perfectly even with their hacking and slashing.
Woman, man, child and the weak!
Listen up all you fresh meat!
Your full attention
now is what we seek!
Ashura raised a glowing hand, the dead rising to their feet and transforming 
as they joined her army.
You want power?
Here's your chance!
Add a dash of necromance!
Become our puppets to make dance!
First Asuka then the world!
Bow to Empress Ashura!
Bow to Empress Ashura!
Come on everybody DANCE!
Silk and Daisho threw themselves recklessly into the remaining soilders, 
actually 'dancing' to the beat as they slaughtered them with ease...Silk 
crushing the last one's throat under her boot as she reached the finale.
Look out world
Cause here we come!
You aint seen hell
till we're done!
First Asuka then the world!
Silk ended her 'song' with her trademark howl, Daisho joining in before both 
broke into laughter. Ashura raised an eyebrow while the cloaked figure 
sweatdropped. "Energetic and overdone as usual, Sister..." She remarked, 
Silk sticking out her tongue.
No one noticed the activity in the back....three figures slipping int othe 
middle of the march from different locations....each robed....
Or so they thought.
The cloaked one chuckled, Ashura nodding and mirroring his sneer.
The parade came to an end at the docks, Ashura and the cloaked one stepping 
onto the ship where Mother awaited. The troops fell into line perfectly at 
Daisho's order, standing before as Ashura addressed them from the bridge.
"Loyal troops...." She began. "Tonight will shall begin to fulfill our 
destiny of conquering this world by starting with Japan....but first I'd 
like to thank all of you for your help....."
Her eyes flared brightly.....and suddenly the entire army vanished like the 
illusions they were....leaving only the new 'recruits'.....
And the robed ones.
"You've been a great help." She finished.
Ashura's real army tore themselves free of the ship's hull in 
waves.....literally forming from the unearthly material/armor or hatching 
from 'eggs' hidden along the ship and throughout the harbor....creatures of 
all matter of shapes, sizes and everyone of them nasty at that.....Silk and 
Daisho laughed wildly as they turned to the now trapped robes.
"Sucker!" Daisho crowed.
Ashura walked toward the lead robe with a smirk. "Don't feel bad 
Jubei....You can't help that I'm just smarter than you....." She grabbed the 
collar of the robe...
And blinked. "Nani?"
The robe crumpled when she grabbed it, faires floating free from it's folds 
with a laugh. The other two did
the same.....
Revealing the lit Kegs of gunpowder hidden beneath, one of which a 
sweatdropping and VERY wide-eyed Ashura was now holding.
"That's a new one....." She murmured.
Ashura barely managed to teleport herself and her siblings away before they 
blew all at once and practically leveled the dock and her 
monsters.....reappearing on the bridge...And as if the chaos was a signal, 
The storm suddenly increased in rage and pounded them with wind and 
lightling way too accurate to be natural....pounding the ship and her 
army....Even a monster wave rising straight at them with deadly intent....
"ENOUGH!!!" Ashura roared as she 'pushed' at it and smashed the wave flat 
before it reached the ship, CATCHING the next two lightling bolts in her 
hands and absorbing them with a growl...*What the hell.....?!! I expected 
the old man or Avalon would pull something but why this? My creation can't 
be so
easily sunken by a storm....*
To add more grief, A familiar battle cry echoed as several surviving 
monsters froze instantly and exploded....Arain literally flying out of 
nowhere on a frigid winter wind and wreaking havoc with the crystalline 
sword of her grandmother.....And from the smoke Sano and Yahiko charged into 
the melee like maniacs and sending creatures flying everywhere.....And if 
that wasn't enough, something that could only be described as a hail of 
small blue fireballs dropped from above and blew a large chunk of the army 
into orbit.....
Then Ashura understood.
Her creation's (Gotta give it a name later, she noted.) primary means of 
propulsion wasn't the sails, but instead a massive engine similar to a 
train's, cept it was fueled by means of her power....And the Avalonian magic 
powering this storm would disrupt it's energy field and disable the ship!
And that meant only one thing.....
"Friggin diversion!" Silk roared. "Little shits are gonna try rescuing 
Battousai and sink us at the same time! Some frickin gratitude...."
"Sharp as always, Sister dear." Ashura said sarcastically. "I'll leave this 
mess to you. Mother, Daisho, tend to the rats in our ship while I prepare 
for Karou-dono. Oh, and yes Silk...." She smiled ferally. "Play as rough as 
you like. They broke the deal so they have to pay the piper...."
She and the cloaked one disappeared while Mother and Daisho went below, More 
of the creatures erupting from the ship at Silk's bellow to attack while 
Silk sprang into the melee....
Despite the insane odds they were facing, Sano was enjoying every minute of 
it thanks to his new 'toy': The special gloves Merlin gave him not only 
increased his strength but allowed him limit break to his heart's content. 
He glanced at Yahiko as he smashed two beasts' heads together, whooping as 
the kid wiped out a wave of them with a burst from his gift, the black 
bokken pulsing with intense energy.....And of course they had their ace in 
the hole, Megumi.....
*Hope it's enough,*  Sano thought grimly as the fight pushed back into the 
Megumi watched from her hiding place among the rooftops, keeping an eye on 
the fight and for the signal that the others boarded the ship. As much as 
she disliked fighting, she was determined to do her part as Support, both 
carrying the cashe of Magical medicine Merlin gave her for 
emergencies.....and her gift from the Jamisons: an outrageous device that 
resembled a cannon scaled to fit on her shoulder that after Megumi loaded 
with bottles of some vile liquid, launched fireballs that could flatten 
buildings.....Very effective for evening things up a bit.
Not to mention the very unladylike rush she got from firing the monster and 
protecting her man. She could get used to this....
She had fired another burst when the creature surprised her.....Springing 
onto the roof and charging with a howl...Megumi having no time to reload 
before it would kill her....
Instead she grabbed her medicine chest and flattened it with one good 
wallop, the medicine chest not even dented. She chuckled as she kicked it 
over the side. *Score one for you Sano....* She thought ruefully.
The signal came at that moment, a triple lighting strike on the ship, Megumi 
firing in reply at the ship harmlessly to signal the others. They understood 
and fought on to buy time.....
Time that ran out for Sano.
Sano had gotten separated from Arain and Yahiko in a rush attack.....badly 
outnumbered and nearly overwhelmed by the time Megumi caught up with 
Only to be 'saved' by the last person they expected.
Silk crunched the last one under her foot as she stalked toward Sano. 
"'Ello, chickey pie....Ready for that dance you promised?"
Sano grinned. "Anytime."
Silk sighed. "I meant ALONE, sensei." She said blandly to Megumi, who had a 
nice clean shot of her from her vantage point but clearly unbothered. Hell, 
Sano was laying odds it wouldn't even FAZE the freak....
"The others need you more than I do, Fox." He said gently, knowing it was 
going to piss her off. "Go."
"Like hell, you arrogant...."
"Go on, Megumi! I'll handle it!" He said firmly. Then added with a grin. 
"Women shouldn't interfere in a man to man fight."
"That right, sense-HEY!"
Something bonked him in the head hard from her direction, Sano yelping but 
pocketing the vial of medicine behind his back. "Don't come crying to me 
later!" She shot back.
He waited until she was gone before facing Silk. "I'll give you one last 
chance to back down before you get hurt." Sano said. "What do you say?"
"Burial or cremation, Chicken face?"
"Thought so....."
Inside the ship....
The small crew found very little resistance waiting for them after Merlin 
blasted their way in with the signal lightling, a handful of monsters that 
barely knew what hit them. Ashura's Arogant faith in her grand ship was 
Or a trap.
Ether way they went with the plan: Separate once inside to acomplish their 
tasks and Karou would head straight for Ashura in the ruckus. They'd make up 
the rest as they went along....
Everyone turned to see Karou just standing there, Sakaba drawn as she faced 
the opposite hall....Her expression fierce and radiating hostility toward 
something they couldn't see. "Can't you feel it, Shuriken?"
For the hundredth time that day, Jubei's thoughts wondered back to those 
nagging doubts about Karou recently: Merlin had no gift for her, only making 
a cryptic remark that 'Kenshin had already given you one.' At first he 
thought the old man had been refering to the Sakaba, but now he wasn't so 
sure....Looking at her now, clad in a red Gi and Black Hakama borrowed from 
the Yukashiro house and that intensity in her face, an intensity he 
recognized on older and more experienced warriors, she sure didn't look like 
the brat he met days ago....
"Yeah...." Shuriken's mental abilities had decreased in strength without the 
Amulet, but they were enough.
Not only could she feel the agony of the trapped victims within the ship's 
walls, but also a darker presence even more obvious. "Ashura. But's it's 
odd....Like she's all around us or....." Her eyes widened as she started to 
scream a warning....
Too Late.
The hole sealed instantly behind them....Jubei not even having time to react 
or yell as the floor literally swallowed him with a gulp....The walls 
suddenly rippling and alive with hands and screaming faces stretching out to 
grab at if the victims were trying to drag them in to join them 
in their misery. Soujirou grabbed Shuriken's outstretched hand as she was 
grabbed and yanked in, only for both to vanish through the wall as if it was 
Leaving Karou alone in the hallway, the hands just short of reaching her as 
Ashura chuckled around her.
"Well, Well, I expect a small morsel of a man and I get a full course meal. 
Must be my lucky day."
Karou didn't twitch at the disembodied voice. "I should of seen that 
coming." She said calmly. "Why waste time with guards when you can shape the 
ship at will?" A Satiou style sneer crossed her face. "Guess you'll sic them 
on me cause you're afraid of me."
"Heh, Sharp tongued little bitch today, aren't you?" The hallway changed in 
length, seeming over a mile long with a single doorway at the end. The 
lights darkened and the walls gave off a sinster purple glow as more 
monsters burst free to fill the hallway....."Why don't you back it up? We'll 
be waiting at the end of the hall, try not to take too long!"
Karou gripped the Sakaba tightly and charged....
"Are you alright?"
The ride had been short but rough, Soujirou's brain finally rattling to a 
stop in his skull. Shuriken nodded as he helped her up. "Where are we....?"
"Your destination, of course."
The nightmare of steel that the pair found themselves in wasn't what they 
expected of engine room....The room WAS the engine....the very walls formed 
of countless gears and parts of all manner of sizes....dizzying to look at 
and functioning seamlessly as alive. Red arcs of energy were thick around 
and between the spinning gears...nearly vaporizing them as several of them 
arced in center and met with a terrific ZAP bright as the sun. One wrong 
Somehow, it still didn't seem half as dangerous as the wizened old crone 
standing before them, the meek smile actually making her seem more 
"This is my favorite part of the ship actually...." She rasped. "I didn't 
want you to die without seeing it."The lump on her back twitched obsencely, 
each increasing in strength and number.... "Before I made you a part of it. 
An Honor you truly don't deserve!!"
In his years with Shisho, Soujirou had come to think there was nothing that 
could shock him.
He wished he were right.
Mother's body was a fit of convulsions....Her cane snapping in her hands as 
they clenched in reflex and she sank to her knees with a keeling moan they 
recognized as laughter...her body going slack and a huge growth rising at 
the lump as if giving birth to itself....shedding skin and bone as easily as 
cloth as her true form ripped free to stand before them.....
"Oh, shit...."
Mother kicked aside the limp pile of bone and flesh of her 'body' and 
unfolded herself to her full height and form, whiplike tentacles unfolding 
from around her body with a CRACK....revealing a freakish body that they 
couldn't begin to describe, as if every creature in the world had been 
merged into a tall female form by some sadistic artist....every feature 
grotesquely twisted to reflect it: One hand was humanoid but reptilian with 
it's scales and claws, the other so overlong it reached her knees, it's 
razor sharp bone fingers more resembling a spider than a hand. Her face was 
tiger striped and feline until it reached her mouth, Shuriken losing count 
of the hundreds of teeth in the gaping maw as she roared and stomped one 
massive talon that raked the metal with ease as she reared back. The worst 
of it all was her torso, where her WOMB was visible and they could see the 
swirling and shapeless life within....several of her unborn already halfway 
down the massive and eggsack like tail that served as her birth canal, 
unfolding from it's resting place on her back to shake the ship with one 
powerful slam. The final touch was the curved horns and cresent mane of 
'hair' that thrummed as she cut the air with an experimental swipe and 
"Come on."
But Shuriken and Soujirou were already moving.....Shuriken rushing straight 
in to feint left at the last second to dodge the expected attack while 
Soujirou streaked by and suddenly cut left to spring off a large gear  and 
slash at Mother's neck from behind....The entire manuver taking place in a 
matter of seconds....
But not fast enough.
Mother causally swiped at Soujirou without even looking at him. A causal 
swipe so fast it ripped the air and nearly threw him back as her massive 
claws  struck his sword and then locked around them to throw him hard into 
Shuriken.....Vanishing as they flew through the air....
*Oh, shit!*
Soujirou sprang off Shuriken like a stepping stone just in time to meet 
Mother as she reappeared right in front of them Sword to claw in 
midair....Shuriken managing to swing around a gear to control her fall and 
land roughly....immediately forced to dodge for her life as Mother and 
Soujirou screamed around her at insane speeds, Mother tried to shishkabob 
her while Soujirou would barely deflect it enough for her to avoid it until 
Soujirou was smashed to the floor, Shuriken taking the oportunity to slash 
Mother across her chest and kicked off her to land by Soujirou as he slid to 
a stop. *Impossible....*
As if reading her mind, Mother Chuckled. "You stand before one who has 
mastered Tamashii no Shuukakusha over the centuries....Adding THOUSANDS of 
victims to my Skill." Soujirou climbed to his  knees as she sneered at them, 
his head bowed, his shirt shredded beyond repair.  "More than a match for 
even the Tekken, Seta Souijrou."
If Mother expected the young man to get angry, she was sadly disappointed.
He laughed.
Shuriken stared at him as if he lost his mind.
"You mock me, boy?"
Soujirou abruptly stopped, Shuriken shivering at the calm ferocity in his 
eyes that his smile refused to touch. "Only your foolish boast, Old one." He 
tore the shirt off and locked eyes with her. "Claiming Suppourity....." He 
spun to his feet, the sword whispering as he twirled it to into it's sheath 
and faced her down in a batou stance. "Before seeing the true strength of 
the Tekken!"
For a moment, Shuriken swore....She felt his sword awaken in 
Deeper within the ship.....
Jubei was completely lost, but he didn't stop running, didn't care....
Cause lost was better than dead.
His sword barely came out in time to block the twin Kodachis that lunged 
from the shadows....falling backwards just in time to avoid the smaller 
Daisho twin lunge and rolled quickly to his feet as the massive sword 
smashed the floor.....kicking Daisho in the head as he sprang over him and 
ran in the opposite direction....cutting down the monsters that grew from 
the shadows below him....
Ashura had a special surprise for Jubei. The young student of Shushima, that 
shadow walking devil of Kimon, had wanted to challenge the man who beat his 
master to prove himself. A kid barely out of his teens named Akira....and 
even stronger than his freak teacher. And if that wasn't enough, Daisho and 
the whole damn ship had joined in on the 'fun', forcing Jubei to face not 
only two freaks at once but a constantly changing maze as well....*Time to 
see if Merlin's little gift works....*
Daisho stopped dead in midrise, his jaw dropping in disbelief at what he 
just saw. Just before Jubei reached the fork at the end of the hallway, he 
glowed for a moment and spilt into two Jubeis, each taking a separate 
hallway. "How....?" he grumbled as Akira stepped out from the wall.
"Simple illusion, Daisho." Akira lazily flicked his brown hair from his eyes 
and grinned, sheathing his twin Kodachi. "It won't help him, and he can't 
run forever."
Daisho glanced at the slender youth skeptically. He'd had fleas that looked 
more dangerous than this slender pretty boy at first glance. But Akira's 
eyes had that same frigidness that Ashura had. The same barely restrained 
"Freak." He mumbled to himself as they continued the chase.
It was a day that would live in infamy. Years later Asuka citizens would 
tell stories of how three warriors, a female, red-haired Oni straight out of 
the dark ages wielding sword and sorcery, a young samurai fighting with 
skill twice his age, and a raven haired woman who rained fire on her foes, 
rallied the oppressed citizens against the armies of hell unleashed by the 
devil herself, fighting the battle to end all battles here in Asuka.
But the highlight of the tale would always be the same: How downtown Asuka 
and it's harbor was was practically leveled, not by the two armies, but by 
their two strongest in single handed combat. It was said that even the two 
armies avoided the conflict, more afraid of them than each other!
Close your eyes. Can't you see them? Imagine the destruction: Houses, 
smashed through or completely down. Trees uprooted or splintered. The street 
tattooed with craters. Even the stronger buildings that weathered storms 
with ease were leveled like grain. You hear their roars and the fury of 
their blows long before you finally see them as they explode from a house as 
it collapses....
The young warrior, his once white attire nearly black with dirt and 
blood....Red bandanna weaving like a single flame as he charges with a 
battle cry....
The She demon, three times his size in height and girth, whipcord muscle 
straining against her torn Gajin style suit as she shakes the heavens with 
her roar and foam flecks her jaws.....
You realize this isn't a battle of honor.
It's Chaos given life.
Sano barely got his hands up to block, the sheer force of the punch pushing 
him back a foot...immediately twisting around her with a roundhouse kick to 
the back of her head, ducking under her return backhand to unload a short 
barrage on her stomach that ended with a ringing uppercut...Silk shrugging 
it off to grab his outstretched arm and bent it behind his back...Each 
impact of her knee to his kidneys seeming to shake the town before he 
drop-kicked off her as she let go to punch at the same time...both skidding 
away from each other and paused to catch their breath.
Sano couldn't help but grin, mirroring Silk's
They were dead even. And enjoying every minute of it.
Sano suddenly broke left...seeming to glide on the tips of his toes as he 
circled her...Silk adopting a kickboxing stance as she tracked him with her 
eyes. Sano then surprised her by dashing straight at her and stopped a foot 
in front of her...hopping left to right back and forth until she flinched 
and lunged, missing...Sano immediately landing a leaping spinkick to her 
jaw...immediately ducking under her retaliation to repeatedly kick her in 
the head and chest and finish with a final strike to her throat that 
staggered her briefly...Silk snarling in frustration.
*....The hell?* Silk noticed Sano's change of fighting stance...reminded of 
American and Chinese boxing from the way he danced and feinted and 
weaved...but his hands and feet seemed to act independent of each other as 
he constantly changed and mixed styles. Hands would say 'Akkido' while feet 
said 'Judo'...Then 'kempo' and 'Muay Thai'...the only constant was that 
irritating grin...
Sano took advantage of her confusion to slip in a short combo to her face 
and gut, hopping back out of range to avoid her lunge, flipping her off at 
the same time...repelling her each time she attempted with a short combo or 
attack that enraged her more than hurt her. Silk starting to lose her temper 
and left herself even more open to the annoying attacks, Sano getting even 
more bolder and taunting her, hopping in and out her range in the middle of 
attacks before finishing them...
*How you like my Sagara special eh?* Sano faked a kick, coming around with a 
roundhouse punch to her kidney instead that made her howl. *Mix a little of 
everything I know, keep switching so you can't read me and piss you off..."
Silk finally snapped, Sano deliberately letting her grab his shirt as she 
lunged forward with a punch that would literally take his head off...
*And make a mistake!*
Sano slid out of his shirt and spun around her as the punch whooshed over 
his head, just like he'd seen Kenshin do a hundred times with his winding 
dragon flash...his fist rising in an arc as he completed the spin and Silk 
sailed past him...Surprise and then dawning horror splashing across her 
His fist slammed into the ground...a powerful blast wave of erupting rock 
and sheer force slamming Silk in her back and pounding her as it carried her 
for almost a mile down the street and into a building with such force it 
collapsed on top of her, burying her...
Sano didn't relax however. Merely picked up his shirt and waited.
He knew that wouldn't be enough.
A pebble rolled off.
Yep, definitely not enough.
The explosion and roar was probably heard in America, Sano shielding his 
eyesfrom the rain of dust and shrapnel.
And as it finally cleared...Sano heard Silk laugh.
Her suit seemed to have taken the worst of it, Silk throwing off what 
remained of the coat with contempt. Shook the dirt out of her hair and 
dusted herself off the best she could. Wiped some blood from her mouth and 
licked her fingers.
The scariest part however, that she wasn't pissed anymore.
She was ecstatic...
"That's what you've been keeping from me...The Futae no Kwami, yes?" She 
practically trembled with ecstasy. "I heard that the one who masters it can 
shatter anything in existence, such is it's power." She clenched her fist 
tightly. "I've always wondered if anything could rival my full power...Too 
bad I'd have to kill you to prove it."
"Oh, no more foreplay?"
The smile widened and the humor drained from it.
"That's right."
Suddenly the hairs raised on Sano's neck.
His every instinct screamed danger. Something had changed about 
her...something for the worse...
Suddenly it wasn't fun anymore.
In a girlish action that seemed just wrong on her, Silk brushed her fingers 
through her hair, eyes closed. "Haven't you noticed how well Mother named 
us?" She purred. "Daisho, after the Katana and Wakazakis Samurai carry? 
Ashura, after the demons of Japanese mythology?"
When she opened her eyes, anything human in them were nonexistent.
"Ever wonder about mine?"
"Your mother had a sense of humor."
She laughed at that one, the laugh of an amused parent. "That is true. 
However, that is only half the story."
She reached deeper in her hair...dramatically undoing it's binds and 
sweeping it out to it's full impressive length with a shake of her head. and 
stretched sensuously...revealing a river of platinum blond most women would 
kill for, Fine as spider's silk and reaching to her knees. (And as Sano 
reluctantly admitted, made her actually look remotely feminine...)
*But why the hell am I getting these bad vibes 'bout that...*
"Be honored, Sagara." She sounded sincere, holding out her hands to her 
sides, standing right leg in front the left. "Knowing that as you die, you 
are the only man who has so satisfied me. I'll miss you..."
What happened next was insane. Sano's brain had to stop and rewind what it'd 
just seen just to convince itself it happened, and even then it couldn't 
believe it.
Silk's hair...strands of it launched into her out stretched palm, braiding 
itself into chainlike projectiles as she launched them at Sano with 
incredible speed...Sano barely deflecting the first and the second wrapping 
around his arm...Silk nearly tearing it out the socket as she yanked him 
into a viscous punch...another one already forming in her hand as she 
slammed Sano to the ground and threw him down the street...Sano barely 
springing away as it smashed through the pavement...
*..THE HELL?!!*
Silk pulled him to her again...This time Sano using the momentum to plant a 
kick to her jaw that she shrugged off and clubbed him down with a chain 
across his back...Sano using a Limit break to push himself away as she 
stomped down...using the thick dust as a cover as he broke away, Silk 
already a step behind...Sano twisting in midair to dodge her punch, planting 
his hands down and lashing out with a Futae no Kwami powered kick that 
shattered ribs and powdered organs...
Well, that's what SHOULD of happened.
Instead Sano's feet sank into her chest up to his ankles, Silk grabbing him 
and spun him down the street and through a house, half collasping
it around him.
*...The hell she did...*
"Think you're suffering now. Sano?" Silk mocked. ""It's a fraction of what 
we halfbreeds endured. Our Echidna blood was like a cancer to our humanity 
as we grew, forcing us to adapt or die. I gained the gift of Metamorphis 
through my trials, the ability to transform my body as I see fit, the same 
way Captipillars evolve into butterflies." She posed for him in what she 
thought was a seductive manner. "I see your impressed with the results..."
Even though he was gonna regret it, Sano couldn't resist.
"Always was attracted to strong as their looks..."
Silk actually laughed in reply. "Well, since you enjoyed my hair so much, 
I'm sure you'll love this..."
As she started to walk toward him, countless strands of that hair/webbing of 
hers wrapped around her body...forming a armor-like cocoon around her entire 
body...Sano wincing at what sounded like bones snapping and rekniting as the 
vaguely humanoid shape bulged and boiled as if made of water...seeming to 
split into two distinct shapes before it finally burst...
That was the last thing Sano saw really, before getting pounded from 
everywhere at once...glimpsing a streak of blond before he found himself 
sliding across the ground facefirst...and wishing he'd stayed there when he 
looked up.
Silk was walking toward him.
Both of her.
He wasn't seeing double, as much as he wished he was. Both had that same 
werid hair, strands of it wrapped around the, ahem, distracting areas...but 
they looked as different from the original as Night and Day, what Silk 
probably would of turned out if she wasn't such a freak. Slender where Silk 
was huge, shorter and carried themselves with a grace and skill their 
original form wished she had.
They actually looked...attractive.
Unfortuately, They were also fast. Sano barely keeping up with just one of 
them as they attacked as a team and effectively beat him down the 
street...both lashing a 'chain' around his neck and standing on both sides 
as they slowly squeezed the life out of him...
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